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XBrain® Purified Collagen is the ultimate collagen enriched protein drink designed to support your body in recovery and repair. Experience the benefits of the world’s purest collagen supplement and support your lifestyle and goals today. Now available in delicious chocolate flavour.


● Supports healthy bones and joints
● Aids muscle growth
● Ethically sourced and GMO free

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Why Choose XBrain Pure Collagen?

Choosing Purified Collagen by XBrain means choosing the ultimate protein supplement on the market. It’s designed to help you smash your exercise goals whilst increasing joint, bone and muscle health. Taking good care of your muscles and connective tissues is the key to preventing joint problems and pains in later life.

Most protein powders are designed solely for muscle growth but XBrain’s Pure Collagen is an absolute game changer – it has been carefully designed in order to aid performance but also support your physical health in a variety of ways.

XBrain’s Pure Collagen is ethically sourced and made with top quality milk derived from EU-regulated, pasture-raised cows that have not been exposed to any potentially harmful chemicals or antibiotics. The final result is a super-smooth, mouthwatering chocolate flavoured drinks mix that contains an incredible 93% protein.


Collagen is a major protein found in bones and connective tissue and supplementing it in your diet can be advantageous in a number of ways. It is composed primarily with key amino acids that provide structure, strength and resilience to your body’s connective tissues and skin.

Most protein powders are designed for one purpose, to support muscle growth, but a protein powder fortified with collagen can provide even more benefits. Collagen supplementation has been linked to enhanced muscle gain when exercising regularly as well as having anti-ageing effects on your skin.

Ageing naturally reduces the collagen content in our bodies and can result in many degenerative health problems. Collagen supplementation can potentially combat this and reduce the symptoms of joint pain, inflammation and bone problems such as osteoarthritis.


Pure Collagen is now available as a delicious chocolate flavoured drinks mix that can be used at the gym, at home, at work or on the move.

XBrain’s Pure Collagen protein powder is a smooth & clump-free shake-style drink that packs 10g of ultra-purified collagen protein per serving, enough to support your exercise and workout goals.

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