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Deliver the prosperity of high-concentration hydrogen water to your skin with Drink HRW H2 Beauty Hydrogen Rejuvenation Facial tablets. Myths and stories about miracle waters and elixirs for youthful skin have weaved in and out of human history for centuries. While these stories have transpired to be little more than words, true advances in beauty and skincare have been made by science. Studies have shown that hydrogen-rich water boasts numerous benefits for our skin. Molecular hydrogen tablets by H2 Beauty provide access to these benefits via a hydrogen infused solution that is comfortable and easy to apply.


● Delivers High Hydrogen Concentration to Skin
● Promotes pH Necessary for Healthy Skin Flora
● Provides Transdermal Magnesium

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The Science of H2 Beauty Hydrogen Tablets

Drink HRW H2 molecular hydrogen tablets have been specially formulated to complement the pH of skin, aiding in the cultivation of beneficial flora[1].  Along with promoting healthy low skin acidity, H2 Beauty skin supplements deliver the benefits of hydrogen water bathing. Recent studies have shown that hydrogen water possesses properties that repress wrinkle formation[2] and can help with chronic psoriasis[3]. These benefits can now be easily accessed thanks to this innovative facial solution from Drink HRW H2 Beauty.

H2 Beauty tablets also contain Magnesium, a vital nutrient for our day-to-day functions that is delivered through transdermal application. Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, along with muscle and nerve functions.


H2 Beauty tablets have been formulated to support healthy skin and athletic recovery through hydrogen water soaking. Bathing in hydrogen water and applying it to skin is an evolution of drinking hydrogen water, a practice with remarkable results. Initial tests by Drink HRW have indicated that soaking in hydrogen water can lead to an acceleration in soft tissue injury recovery, easing of joint discomfort,[4] and a notable change in skin appearance.

How to Use

To use H2 Beauty Hydrogen Rejuvenation Facial you will need a bowl of warm water, an unused facial mask, and a clean prepared area of skin to apply the mask to. Begin by dissolving 1-4 tablets in 4 oz. of warm water until they are completely gone. Then take the mask and soak it in the solution for 5 seconds. Once soaked, immediately take the mask and place it evenly onto clean and dry skin. Leave the mask for between 15 and 30 minutes before removing and gently rinsing with cool water.[5]


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[5] Caution: For topical use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not put in eyes.

While most of the research on Hydrogen Water have revolved around drinking it, multiple studies have been done on topical use, showing both quicker recovery from athletic injuries and wrinkle reduction. H2 Hydrogen Beauty tablets is the first topical Hydrogen product manufactured in North America, and has been optimized for maximum benefits. H2 Beauty assists in both athletic recovery and healthy skin in three ways:

  • High concentration H2
  • Creates the acidic environment our skin flora thrive in
  • Delivers transdermal Magnesium


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