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Alpha Brain Instant Packets from Onnit are now available in a range of delicious flavours. Made with the same Onnit Flow Blend formula as Alpha Brain original, the drinks mix sachets come in a choice of refreshing flavours – try the original peach, Meyer lemon, blackberry lemonade, coconut lime, pineapple punch or ruby grapefruit and are all packed with nootropic nutrients shown to improve cognitive functions including memory, focus and reactions.

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Usage of Alpha Brain Instant

Alpha Brain Instant contains the exact same basic formula as the original Alpha Brain capsule, only it’s designed to be taken as a drink making it faster acting allowing you to feel the benefits whenever you feel the need.

These handy sachets are perfect for carrying around with you and enjoy them at home, at work, the gym or on the move. Simply dissolve the sachet contents into water or any other beverage and you’ll be free to enjoy a delicious nootropic supplement drink anywhere, any time and feel the benefits of improved brain function.

Alpha Brain Instant sachets provide the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of nootropics without the hassle of taking tablets or carrying around a larger container.

How Alpha Brain Instant Works

Alpha Brain Instant is a nootropic supplement now available as a drinks mix with a unique blend of ingredients linked with supporting brain activity. Onnit’s earth-grown, nutrient-based formula, Onnit Flow Bend has been designed with the goal of improving memory retention and concentration.

This innovative formula contains ingredients linked with alpha wave flow in the brain. These brain waves are the key to entering and maintaining the flow state, commonly referred to as ‘the zone’. This is the point at which brain function is at optimal levels resulting in enhanced focus and enjoyment of the task at hand. When in the flow state, your brain is proven to be more receptive, organised and calm under pressure. As well as alpha brain wave enhancement, the formula supports neurotransmitter production allowing your mind to react quickly and effectively under pressure.

Benefits of Alpha Brain Instant

Alpha Brain Instant from Onnit is rich in certain nootropic ingredients and vitamins which are packed full of nutrients associated with brain performance. Alpha Brain Instant ingredients have been selected with the aim of supporting alpha brain wave function in the brain which has a range of positive effects on cognitive function.

Increased memory retention, improved focus, and mental processing speed have all been associated with nootropic ingredients. Essentially, Alpha Brain Instant is designed with a view of helping you to move up a gear and stay on top mentally and focus on the tasks at hand throughout daily life. Alpha Brain can help you remember names, places, dates, focus on difficult tasks and improve your reactions 1.

What’s more, Alpha Brain Instant contains zero gluten, zero dairy and is caffeine and nut-free. It’s perfectly compatible with vegan and keto diets so you won’t have to compromise your routine to feel the benefits.


Alpha Brain Instant is a nootropic supplement created with the goal of providing maximum brain performance benefits. It’s packed full of Earth Grown Nutrients and zero artificial flavours, preservatives, or colours. Alpha Brain Instant is mainly designed to support the production of Alpha Waves, a key element when it comes to being in the “Flow” state. This is a state where your mind and body are functioning at their peak leading to enhanced focus and enjoyment of the task at hand.


Nootropic ingredients, vitamins, herbs and minerals are all part of this formula designed to help you perform at your best. It contains zero animal by-products, making it perfectly compatible for vegan and keto diets. Alpha Brain Instant is a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the positive effects of nootropics whenever you need them, from anywhere. So if you’re looking for a natural way to support your cognitive performance and access the “Flow” state, Alpha Brain Instant could be worth a go.


Available in a number of flavours
Available in a number of flavours
Boosts mental processes
Boosts mental processes
Encourages flow state - gets you ‘in the zone’
Encourages flow state - gets you ‘in the zone’
Fast acting
Fast acting
Increases focus
Increases focus
Supports memory
Supports memory


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Blackberry Lemonade, Coconut Lime, Meyer Lemon, Peach, Pineapple Punch, Ruby Grapefruit

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