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For those who know, the upsides of a ketogenic diet can be powerful and often include sustained energy and a boost in mental performance. But, getting into or staying in ketosis can be challenging, and that transition to eating fewer carbs just plain sucks.

Total Keto Daily helps you streamline the process of getting into ketosis and maintaining your ketogenic diet, helping you to maximize the benefits of being keto while minimizing any potential uncomfortable side effects of getting there.

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Ketogenesis is a normal metabolic process where your liver breaks down fat to produce ketone bodies for energy, placing the body in a state of ketosis. To take advantage of ketosis, you need to change your body’s source of fuel: your diet. When you eat a restricted amount of carbs and more beneficial fats, your body begins to burn the fat instead, producing ketones for energy.

Total Keto Daily provides you with exogenous ketones directly, and those beneficial fats from clean avocado oil. The result is a daily supplement designed to help ease the process of attaining ketosis so that you can feel the head-clearing, energy-supporting effects.




That groggy, lethargy-laced adjustment period that some people feel with low-carb and ketogenic diets is nothing to worry about and will pass normally as your body adapts.

The main cause is thought to be dehydration with a reduction in carbohydrates. To protect yourself, you can always remember to drink plenty of water and replenish your electrolytes. Good news, because Total Keto Daily is a drink mix composed of ketone salts that supply your body with both the exogenous ketones to help support a ketogenic diet and the salts that are needed to replenish electrolyte loss.

These electrolytes can help shorten the period of time it takes to feel the full benefit of ketosis, and to escape that run-down feeling of your body switching gears.

“When on a ketogenic diet, I find exogenous ketones help me get back into ketosis quickly. They’re also essential when my energy drops, helping to provide a boost of jitter-free energy instead of reaching for yet another cup of coffee.”


A 2017 study showed that subjects taking the exogenous ketones like the ones sourced in Total Keto Daily had lower blood glucose levels. Research suggests these exogenous ketones actually promote blood glucose uptake in the body, without interfering with normal insulin function.

Most of us have been on this roller coaster: you start to feel tired, so you reach for some type of carbohydrate. While you ride the sugar high, insulin starts to respond. As it peaks, your blood glucose goes down, possibly resulting in that feared “crash,” which leaves you feeling lethargic, foggy, and even sick.

But when your body is running primarily on ketones, there are less peaks and valleys in your blood sugar levels unlike with an influx of carbs. This means a more steady supply of energy, helping to keep you focused, energized, and burning more fat for fuel.



Beta-hydroxybutyrate, one of the ketones produced when fat is metabolised in the liver, is a readily available energy source for both the brain and muscles. goBHB is a patented form of exogenous ketone which delivers Beta-hydroxybutyrate to the body answering the call for sustained energy from athletes and biohackers alike.


Key in oleic acid, avocado oil is a premium, beneficial fat and an excellent fuel source for ketogenic and low-carb diets.


A soluble, prebiotic fiber made from tapioca, Logifiber is low-glycemic and provides a smooth texture, taste, and mouth feel.


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