Why you should avoid carbohydrates right after you wake up?

Most people are very well of the importance of eating a good breakfast, and if you are looking after your health you would probably not dream of skipping this most important meal of the day. However, you might well be making the mistake of having carbohydrates right after you wake up. If you are trying to build up muscle mass and improve your lean to fat tissue ratio, you should absolutely avoid eating carbohydrates right after you wake up.Read on to find out why.

Whether your body is making proteins and adding new muscle fibres or whether it is breaking down proteins for fuel is controlled to a large extent by hormones. Some hormones, most famously testosterone and growth hormone have anabolic actions, causing your muscles to bulk up, while other hormones are catabolic stimulating protein breakdown and using free amino acids for glucose production. But the levels of the different hormones in your blood is not constant throughout the day, the endocrine system is governed by the circadian rhythm; different proteins peak during periods of the day.

Early in the morning, right after you wake up, your body is in a catabolic state.

Early in the morning, right after you wake up, your body is in a catabolic state. This is not just due to the fact that you didn’t have any food while you were asleep, but also due to the fact that cortisol levels peak in the early morning. Cortisol is the body’s chief stress hormone, and it is responsible for coordinating the fight or flight response when you are faced with immediate danger. It is thought that cortisol is highest in the morning to prepare you for dealing with whatever arises during the day. Cortisol is also a strongly catabolic hormone. One of its main functions is to increase the blood glucose level, so that your cells have the fuel for their response to danger. It is a very short term hormone, it’s all about dealing with whatever challenges you face right at that moment, even if its actions will hurt your body in the long term. Cortisol raises blood sugar levels by breaking down muscle proteins, and turning the free amino acids into glucose. The actions of cortisol are seriously bad news for anybody trying to build up muscle.

Carbohydrates do nothing to counteract the actions of cortisol. They also inhibit the release of growth hormone, the anabolic hormone. GH levels are already low first thing in the morning, GH peaks right after you fall asleep and then decrease overnight. You really don’t want to eat anything that will decrease GH levels further in the morning, allowing cortisol to eat into your muscle uninhibited.

The perfect way of counteracting the catabolic effects is to have foods that have anabolic actions

The best course of action to protect your muscle from being catabolized in the morning is to have foods that have anabolic actions, or foods that inhibit the release of cortisol and stimulate the secretion of the anabolic hormones such as GH. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are of course the classical anabolic supplement. The three amino acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine stimulate protein synthesis by activating elongation factors necessary for translation of messenger RNA into proteins. They also inhibit muscle catabolism. A BCAA supplement, such as Xbrain’s AminoCharged taken first thing in the morning is the perfect way of counteracting the catabolic actions of high cortisol levels. It is much better for breakfast than carbohydrates, which will not do anything to protect the muscle growth you train hard to achieve.

As a matter of fact AminoCharged is an excellent supplement to use first thing in the morning, because it contains far more than just BCAAs. It also contains Xbrain’s breakthrough yeast RNA nucleotide formula. Nucleotides are well known for boosting the immune system and maintaining healthy digestion, both important factors for athletes and body builders. However, recent research has uncovered many other benefits of dietary nucleotides, most significantly the inhibition of cortisol release. Therefore Xbrain’s AminoCharged powder for breakfast instead of carbohydrates will reduce the early morning cortisol peak, through the nucleotide complex and inhibit cortisol induced muscle protein breakdown through the action of BCAAs.

The most harmful action of carbohydrates in the morning is the reduction in growth hormone levels.

The most harmful action of carbohydrates in the morning is the reduction in growth hormone levels. Carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes the pancreas to release insulin. High levels of insulin and cortisol in the blood inhibit the secretion of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary. Growth hormone levels are already low in the morning, and eating carbohydrates first thing in the morning just makes the situation worse.

On the other hand, consuming Xbrain’s AminoCharged straight after waking up does not increase insulin levels. AminoCharged is naturally sweetened with stevia, not sugar. In fact AminoCharged positively enhances growth hormone release. This is because another ingredient in the super powerful formulation is glutamine. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in found in our proteins. It is used as a nitrogen store by the body; several non-essential amino acids can be synthesized from glutamine. Researchers have found that glutamine is depleted after periods of intense exercise, and also after stress. Most importantly research has shown that glutamine is one of the amino acids that stimulates the release of growth hormone. Because of its glutamine content, taking Xbrain’s AminoCharged right after you wake up will increase your growth hormone levels and decrease the effects of the early morning catabolic hormone balance.

Early morning is a particularly bad time to have carbohydrate.

If you are trying to build up muscle you are probably putting a lot of thought into your workout, and the supplements you take both before and after training. However not many people think about what they eat for breakfast specifically. Many people make the mistake of consuming carbohydrate right after waking up. Early morning is a particularly bad time to have carbohydrate. At this time the body is in a highly catabolic state, since the period corresponds to a peak in the daily cortisol production. Carbohydrates add to the problem by causing the release of insulin from the pancreas, which in turn inhibits the secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormone is an important anabolic hormone, and its suppression by breakfast carbohydrates increases the protein breakdown caused by the high levels of cortisol. Eating carbohydrates first thing in the morning can waste some of the hard work you’re doing during your workouts to increase your muscle mass. A much better strategy is to take a supplement like Xbrain’s AminoCharged. This uniquely formulated amino acid supplement attacks the problem of the catabolic morning state through several different ingredients. The BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis, blunting the actions of cortisol, the nucleotide complex actually inhibits cortisol release, and finally glutamine actually stimulates the release of the anabolic growth hormone. All this helps to preserve your lean muscle mass making it the perfect breakfast for bodybuilders and athletes.