The Biocera alkaline mineral stick is a convenient and effective way to change the water you drink into alkaline hydrogen rich antioxidant water.

You can have alkaline antioxidant water very conveniently by adding the mineral stick to a bottle of water. In a few minutes the effect of the natural bioceramic minerals  will change the water into health giving hydrogen rich alkaline antioxidant water.


Hydrogen rich water has been drunk by people in the Far East for several decades.  New research is showing that drinking hydrogen rich water has got significant potential therapeutic benefit. In addition to the alkalizing effect on the water the active hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant helping to neutralize harmful oxygen free radicals. Free radicals are implicated in degenerative disease and the aging process.  The following links will give you information on some of the recent research on hydrogen rich water:When there are high levels of hydrogen present in the body then there are fewer levels of free radicals and less acid production.  Hydrogen is used in the body to form ATP, which supplies energy to every cell in the body. The body typically gets hydrogen from the breakdown of carbohydrates into CO2 and hydrogen.  Incomplete breakdown of carbohydrates can lead to the production of increased acids in the body.  If the body can get hydrogen from water this is much better for the body.  Hydrogen rich water can help to supply hydrogen for energy in the body.  Just as hydrogen burning cars are cleaner than carbon based fuels, so hydrogen rich water is cleaner than energy from carbohydrates and fats.