Boron as we all know is a very rare element, and is placed in the periodic table in fifth place. Boron is not abundantly present in the earth’s crust, but it can be synthesized in the laboratory. Boron is present in many food items, such as honey, grains, vegetables and different fruits. Boron can also be produced in the laboratory through various procedures. Boron if present in the fully crystalline form may appear as a black solid mass. Boron has many different isotopes and all of them have different properties. Boron does not react readily with the air and water at normal room temperature.

As all the other elements have different benefits for the human body boron is also very essential for the proper functioning of the body. Boron is considered to be helpful in preventing the human body from increases of uric acid levels and osteoporosis. In some conditions, boron is found helpful in treating epilepsy. Boron can be helpful in the  process of vitamin D production in the body. Boron seems to assist the body in using other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Boron was also found to have some effect in regulating the amount of mineral absorption from the kidneys. Boron helps in maintaining the level of calcium in the body. Calcium levels if maintained in the body helps prevent the body from osteoporosis. Boron also maintains the levels of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is very important hormone and is essential for the proper growth of the individual. Estrogen also plays a great role in maintaining the gender. Hormonal imbalance may result in severe consequences. Boron regulates the amount of estrogen in the body, and thus it may be helpful in the menopause of women. Although a very minute amount of boron is required for the proper functioning of the body, but it is an essential nutrient. Proper levels of estrogens are very fruitful for the reproductive tract of the women. Boron is used for the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. The main and the most important function of boron according to different researchers is that it prevents the process of osteoporosis. In osteoporosis the calcium deposits from the bones starts depleting. Boron prevents the loss of calcium and thus maintains the normal consistency of the bones. Mostly the process of osteoporosis starts after childbirth or in older age. People who are having low milk intake may suffer from osteoporosis. Boron may act as a healer for the bones during the process of osteoporosis. Boron may also prevent the individual from fatigue and osteoarthritis. Boron helps the body by regulating different hormones in the body. Boron may also be considered to have an effect on making strong bones. Preventing the individual from osteoarthritis and in certain cases it may aid in the muscle increasing process. As mentioned earlier that boron helps in regulating the amount of estrogen, in the same way it also helps in regulating the amount of testosterone. Boron can increase the thinking skills of an individual by boosting up the level of hormones to some extent. According to some scientific journals, boric acid was used as an antifungal agent in older times. Other than this boric acid is used as an antiseptic. Boric acid is helpful in washing the eye by producing excessive lacrimation. Boric acid also provides nourishment to the skin and people who are having normal levels of boron in their body have glowing and fresh skin. Few medical specialists found that boron is helpful in digestion.

One of the most important functions of boron is regulating different minerals, which are necessary for the body and individual growth. Boron helps the kidneys in reabsorbing useful minerals which are in excess in the urine. Boron may also increase the memory and thinking power of the individual. Like so many other minerals and elements boron is also very important for the proper growth of the human body.