Different elements and minerals which occur naturally have a lot of benefits to the human body. Similarly, boron is one of the elements which is not abundantly present in the nature but is very necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Boron is found in different food items such as vegetables, olives, dates and grains. Other than the natural source boron can be prepared in the laboratory. The boron prepared in the laboratory have black crystalline form. Different isotopes of boron element are present in the environment but in traces. Few researchers say that grapes and dates have a greater amount of boron in them.

People who are using dates and grapes in their diet have better hair and skin. Although, there is no scientific proof of such event. Boron rich diets may result in better bone growth. After few clinical trials which were carried out in a research institute, researchers came to know that boron is very helpful in maintaining the level of estrogen in the body. However, there are no records available regarding the adverse effects due to boron rich diets. A group of scientists think that if a person takes boron rich diet his memory will increase. Still a lot of research is required on the precise topic.People who are using boron as dietary supplement never complained about anything. Recently, a research was carried out which revealed that boron may be helpful in increasing the muscle strength. Some researchers claim that by taking boron as a diet supplement, they can reduce the chances of memory loss in older age. Although further research is still in progress regarding the effect of boron in maintaining the memory of human beings. Greater amount of boron is considered to be safe according to many medical specialists. Few medical specialists say that boron if taken in an excessive amount as a food supplement may help in recovering from severe osteoarthritis. Last year, a group of young scientists found that increased levels of boron in the body are very effective in maintaining the bone mass after child birth. Experts are still refining the research finding, so that proper benefits of boron can be evaluated. It was found that people who were having greater amounts of boron in their body were safe from osteoarthritis and bone deformities in older age. Boron deficiency may result in decrease production of vitamin D and this may lead to stroke, memory loss and joint problems. According to many researchers, boron element is integral part of the human body and if it is taken as a diet supplement, it is safe. Physicians also say that breastfeeding mothers can also use boron rich diets as they may be helpful in increasing the milk production. This issue requires more research and scientific proof.

No record is available regarding the adverse effects of boron on the human health. In a few cases people may feel slight stomach pain, nausea and headache. A few months ago some individuals complained that by taking more boron rich diets they got diarrhea. However, no scientific proof regarding this effect of boron has been documented. To be on the safe side individuals must consult their doctors or family physicians.