A brain drug or brain supplement refers to the medically treated drugs which may enhance a person’s brain functioning. These drugs don’t perform the role of narcotics; instead these may help a person in the improvement of his intellect and mental capabilities. Like supplements for the nourishment of body brain supplements perform the role of nourishment for the brain.

Also called as a nootropic or a brain enhancer, the brain drugs are capable of improving the intelligence quantum of the user. Many students and professional complain that they keep on forgetting the lessons and important tasks at work because of weak memory or slow brain functioning, memory related issues can be resolved by using brain supplements.

What a brain enhancer actually does is that it may provide the brain with certain vitamins necessary for brain to carry out its functioning properly. Before using any brain drug or nootropic self-research is important because each person has different genetics and diet structure, thus, different vitamins affects every person differently. Here are the vitamins up on which brain supplements are composed of.


Vitamin B  is a proved beneficial component for brain. Research in medical sciences tells us that it produces a protective shell around the neurons. It breaks down homocysteine which is a toxic poison for neurons. Using vitamin B can enhance a person’s memory. The natural source of vitamin B is spinach, asparagus, broccoli, straw berries, melon and black beans. Vitamin B rich drugs and supplements do the work of alternatives.


Vitamins C, E and beta carotene are excellent for memory. They break down the toxic oxygen molecules found in the blood stream. These toxic molecules can harm brain tissues. These vitamins act as anti-toxicants and may prove highly useful in the memory weakening due to aging. Furthermore, the Omega 3 fatty acidsare also very good for brain functioning and memory. These are not vitamins, actually these are fats. Although fats are known for doing all sorts of damage to the body but the Omega 3 is the group of good fats that nourishes the brain and keeps its energy up.


Acetyll-Carnitine also known as ALCAR is an excellent anti-toxicant that protects brain cells from getting damaged and provides energy to the brain to carry out its functions. Our brain works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without stopping. The continuous functioning of brain asks for constant nourishment and energy. Either through natural ways or through medication and drugs, the brain health can be tuned up. A better, faster and brighter brain makes you remember more stuff for longer period of time.The works, jobs and tasks which involve more mental work need a sound brain. A sound brain guaranties that you are able to work quicker, better and more effectively.

Therefore, keeping in view the composition of these brain enhancers, it can be confidently stated that these are entirely non toxic drugs which may significantly improve your brain condition and functioning. Note that the cardiovascular exercise done on the regular basis as well has the nootropic effects, by increasing body’s capacity of supplying the brain cells with oxygen. And exercise is very synergistic with the nutritional supplementation, and the health regimen is totally incomplete without this. Nootropic drugs are normally available by the prescription or else through the personal importation. Other nootropic substances that are listed are either the nutritional supplements or the plant components, and generally are accessible over counter at the health food & grocery stores. Term “drug” here can be used as the legal designation, and doesn’t indicate higher efficacy.