There are multiple compounds in plants that provide benefits to us mortals (when consumed). You are likely familiar with vitamins and minerals. Even if you don’t fully understand what they do, you can agree that they’re necessary to sustain life and do good for the body.

Not as widely heard of are hormetic compounds, also referred to as phytochemicals. One of which, isothiocyanates, is derived from breakdown of glucosinolates. These are highly concentrated in cruciferous vegetables:

● kale
● broccoli
● green collards
● Brussels sprouts
● cauliflower
● cabbage
● arugula
● Bok choy
● watercress
● turnips
● rutabaga
● radishes
● horseradish
● wasabi

When raw cruciferous vegetables are chopped or chewed, an enzyme called myrosinase comes into contact with glucoraphanin and produces sulforaphane. Evidence suggests that sulforaphane, a sulfur-containing isothiocyanate, may help inactivate and eliminate carcinogens. They’ve also been shown to help decrease DNA damage by reducing inflammation (the underlying cause of many diseases) and reactive oxygen species. Pretty powerful suckers!

Note: In the absence of the enzyme myrosinase, glucosinolates cannot be hydrolyzed into isothiocyanates. It’s not a problem when consuming raw cruciferous vegetables; however, when exposed to heat (cooking), myrosinase is deactivated. Don’t you worry your little panties off, there’s an easy solution. Mustard seed powder, commonly found in the spice section of most grocery stores, has a stable form of this enzyme. Simply sprinkle a little on cruciferous vegetables after cooking, and you’re solid!

Broccoli sprouts are the highest dietary source of sulforaphane, a whopping five times more than mature broccoli. Here are two delicious broccoli sprouts smoothie recipes you can add into daily routine today.



● 1/2 (packed) cup broccoli sprouts
● 1 cup frozen cherries
● 2-3 tbsp. Walnut Almond Cashew (WAC) butter
● 2 tbsp. plain Greek or Skyr yogurt, full fat
● 1/8 tsp. Himalayan salt
● 2 scoops Recovery Protein
● 1 scoop Hemp Force Active
● 1 tbsp. MCT Oil
● 1 cup unsweetened vanilla milk
● 1 cup water
● 1-2 cups ice (consistency preference)


1. Add all ingredients to a blender. Pulse until smooth. Savor every sip.