One of the best possible ways of reducing your tendencies of developing diabetes symptoms or controlling the infection is by reducing the amount of sugar and carbohydrates you consume. Researches have concluded that consuming low calorie, low sugar, low fat and low carb foods are the best forms of foods that can help reduce the severity of diabetes at the long run. Carbohydrates abound in so many sugary foods, grains, some dairy, starchy vegetables and some legumes. In order to keep your blood sugar level to the required level, it has been suggested that you consume no more than 75g of carbs per meal and up to 120g per meal if you exercise every day.

Cocoa can offer some help in reducing or regulating blood sugar simply because it possess few milligrams of the substance. Cocoa products such as dark chocolates and cocoa powder also contain variably low sugar and carb levels. Unsweetened cocoa powder is one of the best cocoa products you need to consume to maintain a moderate blood sugar level. Cocoa powder contains less than 55 calories, plus 0.1g of sugar, and 1.6g of fiber. Cocoa powder made from cocoa tree or beans contain little sugar additions.

Cocoa dark chocolate also contain less sugar than many foods, but the sugar content is slightly higher than raw cocoa powder. Around 100g of Flavonoid-enriched dark chocolates or approximately 2.5kg of normal chocolate can be consumed to maintain a perfect blood sugar level, consuming more than these will definitely raise blood sugar levels significantly. Sweetened cocoa powder must be added in moderation to your daily diet, the same goes for chocolate which contains more sugar than raw or partially processed cocoa. White chocolate contains so much sugar and it also comes with very little amount of cocoa, thus it is not good for sugar level control.

Cocoa drinks are some other sources of low sugar cocoa foods you can consume to help regulate your blood sugar. Cocoa drinks have a high concentration of polyphenols aside the low sugar contents.  Cocoa drinks provide more energy instead of raw sugar and most of the components found in raw cocoa are still found un cocoa drink though in lesser amount due to some processing steps. Some of the ingredients you will derive from cocoa drinks include Vitamins A,C,E,D,K, mineral elements like calcium, magnesium, iron, and iron, and you do not get more than 50 calories from a cup of cocoa drink serving. Raw cocoa bean is the super rich source of the antioxidants; particularly, the group of antioxidants well known as the ‘flavanols’. Actually, raw cocoa has the astonishing 10 % of antioxidant concentration every mass, highest concentration level of the antioxidants in known food.

Flavanols are main reason for the cocoa products being cardiovascular system friendly. Like it is a case with lots of natural foods, antioxidant values of raw cocoa fall highly during chocolate making procedure.

After the fermentation & drying, cocoa beans, in all cases, are well roasted in the high heat & pressure. Just like with most of the vegetables and fruits, which you are well known with, the cooking process destroys lots of original healthy beneficial nutrients. Good news is even after antioxidant loss through its roasting as well as pressing process, the bitter cocoa powder has still more than twice of its antioxidant rating than nearest rated fruit … called “prunes”.

Be aware that other Manufacturers now may add sugar, oils, emulsifiers, as well as other ingredients for creating the desired taste or texture for the product made.