Cocoa beans have been described as a super nutritional food for the body’s immune system. Antioxidants such as polyphenols possess a huge health benefit the body can tap from, for instance, they help prevent cardiovascular diseases and some forms of cancers, and they do this by neutralizing some damaging oxidative stress caused in cells. Cocoa is one of the few crops that contain the highest quantities of antioxidants needed to protect the heart and some other vital organs against some devastating diseases.

The cocoa beans vitamins are also essential nutrients that help build the immune system of the body. Vitamins are needed in our daily diet, and the deficiencies of such important nutrient can expose the body to a wide range of dangers. Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins needed for immune system strengthening; the amount of vitamin A found in orange juice cannot be compared with those found in raw cocoa beans. Vitamin A is another important Vitamin that is needed to protect the skin and eyes from some common damages.

Other vitamins that can be found in cocoa beans include; Vitamins B, D, E, and K which perform several functions for a healthy body system. Though these vitamins can be found in chocolate and vitamin supplements, they however should not be used in replacing cocoa diets.

Palmitic and stearic acids are the major components of unsaturated fats found in cocoa beans, the cocoa itself contains 50% of fat, and it also contains some little amount of saturated fats such as oleic acid. Cocoa does not raise the level of cholesterol in the body because it contains a lesser amount of saturated fats and higher amounts of unsaturated fats. Cocoa bean contains less amount of sugar, however it contains higher amounts when used in making chocolates.

Aside the major mineral elements such as iron, magnesium and calcium, cocoa beans also contain some elements of zinc and copper. Iron is a mineral element needed by the cells to ensure that oxygen is transported effectively throughout the veins; constant dizziness and fatigue are some of the effect of low iron levels in the blood. Calcium minerals ensure that bone health is maintained-there are some ongoing researches looking at the possibility of using cocoa in developing a treatment therapy for bone diseases such as arthritis. Potassium is a mineral element in cocoa beans that supports a healthy heart.

Most people find it difficult to consume raw cocoa beans and this is why they are processed into so many foods such as cocoa tea and chocolates, processing of cocoa usually reduce its nutritional level considerably. Cocoa can be consumed raw by adding some honey or some other natural sweeteners but not processed sugar. Cocoa has an important role in the man’s life. There are many chocolate manufacturer in United States that has come up with lots of unique and best products that are having cocoa. But Ghirardelli cocoa is the best in the world and with the vast experience that they can choose best cocoa beans from various parts of world as well as they have an ability of deciding of nature of cocoa beans, which must be used in the particular product. So, after making the chocolates famous the manufacture come up with their own chocolate & chocolate chips. So, having similar food daily is the boring affair. It is very delicious, however having this on every day basis then we can develop the sort of hatred to these chocolates. So have cocoa in moderation and enjoy whenever you feel like.