There are strong evidences that cocoa beans can help shed some weight but such effect will only be achieved on a long term basis. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are two main products that can be extracted from cocoa beans. Dark chocolate is one of the products of cocoa that can help lose weight significantly but nutritionists suggest that it must be consumed moderately to avoid future complications.  Pure cocoa bean is the best natural form of cocoa that can assist you in weight loss.

   Calorie reduction is one of the best ways of losing weight, it’s all about subtracting the calories you burn through exercises or your normal daily activities from the calories you actually consume and compare the result with recommended daily calorie consumption. Excess calories not used up by the body are stored as fat, but with the consumption of less calories, your body begin to oxidized the stored fat, making you lose weight steadily. Cocoa is one of the low calorie diets you can consume to reduce your daily calorie consumption.

Not all cocoa products have the same calorie count; it all depends on the product you choose to consume but the best cocoa product for weight loss is probably the low fat cocoa which has 90 calories. Sweetened and unsweetened cocoa come with around 160 calories.  Cocoa bean is another low calorie food that helps you uses less energy to metabolize and burn your body’s stored fat. Low fat cocoa foods can be said to have negative calorie values.

One of the ways through which cocoa foods can help in losing weight is through the stimulation of serotonin in the brain. Cocoa contains chemicals that increase the level of serotonin in the brain and serotonin is a neuro-transmitter in the brain, it regulates the part of the brain that regulates functions such as sleep and mood. Serotonin has also been found to be highly effective in suppressing the body’s appetite, making you to consume less food {calories} at the long run.

Low fat cocoa foods are capable of using serotonin to induce weight loss by providing some enzyme inhibitors and amino acids that suppress the ability of the body to break down serotonin, this means more serotonin are available to suppress food cravings and create fullness even when you have ate little.

Since serotonin also regulates the amount of sleep and mood of an individual, it will allow your brain regulate your sleeping patterns and your mood will be improved in such a way that you don’t eat high fatty foods out of your anger and frustration.

Cocoa foods can assist weight loss in a number of ways but there are ongoing researches on the maximum quantities of such foods that must be consumed to avoid any side effects. People behind the Ghirardelli cocoa already knew this & to overcome the situation that they are coming with the new products each time. Changes aren’t only in aroma or flavors. They are actually changing packing often to make this attractive. Even they are changing the shapes as well to attract many people. When the chocolove was introduced it caught attention of the public fast because of the unique shape. After that they planned on going for the small version and therefore started making Ghirardelli chocolate chips. And these are actually coming in simple to carry the packs since they knew these chips cannot be eaten at the time. It is habit of people to have this slowly. And callebaut cocoa powder is the best in world.