The end product of a cocoa processing will naturally depend on the type of cocoa bean , this factor also affect the final texture, flavour and taste of different cocoa products such as chocolate , powder, and liquids. There are several types of cocoa beans {Theobroma cacao} but experts in the field have limited such numbers to just four.

Criollo cocoa beans are considered as the most perfect cocoa beans in the world today, Criollo is a specie of cocoa that were first cultivated by some “Meso-Americans” some centuries back. Criollo cocoa beans are best known for their rich and intricate aromas, and they offer excellent smooth flavour as well. Criollo is also the most preferred cocoa beans because they require less fermentation time and less heat to draw out their rich flavour.

Forastero is another popular type of cocoa beans which were domesticated in the Amazon region of the world. Forastero beans are resilient in nature, and are very fruitful.  Forastero requires more heat temperatures and longer fermentation periods to bring out their flavour. It is believed that forastero accounts for 80% of the chocolates produced worldwide, these cocoa beans are sometimes mixed with the Criollo beans to reduce their bitter flavour and give the final chocolate some palatable taste.

Trinitario is another collection of cocoa beans which originated from Trinidad and Tobago. Trinitario was the product of a cross- breed between Criollo and Forastero, and due to the fact that trinitario beans carry both the characteristic natures of criollo and forastero, they seem to have improved in so many ways; they require medium heat processing to bring out their flavour. Trinitario seem to possess more of criollo flavour than forastero flavour, processing however will also make the texture and aroma much more appealing.

Nacional cacao is a rare type of coca beans , even though the feasibility of using these cocoa beans commercially are quite little, some people do consider them more of forastero.  Nacional cacao can only be found in some regions of western South America Particularly Ecuador. The taste, aroma and flavour of this specie of cocoa beans are not as good as  forastero, criollo and Trinitario but they can still be used in making good chocolates , the addition of some other ingredients can cover up for the not-too-good flavour. There are ongoing researches to develop Nacional cacao species into bigger commercial quantities and also cultivate them in many other parts of the world.  They are taking all precautions when selecting cocoa beans as well as they are doing processing carefully. This also makes Ghirardelli cocoa the favorite of plenty of people.

All the products like Ghirardelli chocolate chips and Ghirardelli squares are accessible in almost all the retail counters in USA and according to retailers and these are moving fast. This is the example how the innovative ideas will improve business. They can satisfy taste of the new generation. They can identify real taste of new generation as well as give the product matching with this. They are continuing the innovation in field of the cocoa related foods.

Cocoa has many bioactive compounds, which promote alertness, decrease pain as well as promote the natural feeling of the well being. For instance, one element, Tryptophan, decreases anxiety just by producing the serotonin. Compounds in cocoa produce endorphins that lessen the sensitivity to pain. Drinking the hot cocoa gives more of antioxidants than just eating the chocolate candy. Heat releases more of antioxidants.