XBrain® DigesTive Enzymes and Paleo

It is important to ingest foods that will provide all the nutrients we need and yet keep us at a normal weight and remain healthy for a long time. Followers of the Paleo diet believe they follow a diet that does just that. The paleo diet is oriented around what primitive man ate back in the stone age which was primarily lean, grass-fed wild game, various forms of fish and seafood (all wild type not farmed) and organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. There are those that believe that since our ancestors ate that way, we should as well. There may be a lot of truth to this. After all, our genetic makeup evolves around the environment we live in and feed off. As our primitive ancestors were around a lot longer (at least a million years or so) than we have been, their genome had plenty of time to stabilize to the environment they lived in including the foods they ate. So, no doubt their genetic composition and metabolic pathways were dependent on nutrients that came from fresh, whole foods. There is some scientific evidence that supports this notion and in fact suggests that our modern diet has altered normal/healthy genetic expression and caused our metabolic pathways to malfunction bringing about the chronic diseases we see today such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

For those of you who are seeking an organic type diet, you might want to consider a Paleo diet in that it certainly was the first organic diet known to man. Items missing from the Paleo diet include grain-fed meat sources, dairy, grains, potatoes, legumes and sugar. Granted that bread and cheese have been around a long time, most of our other foods (highly processed foods) are new comers within the past 100 years or so. Since biological evolution is very slow, there hasn’t been enough time for our genomes and metabolic pathways to catch up. We’re still on Paleo time. We have advanced rapidly with cultural evolution (biotechnologies) but have remained behind in terms of biological evolution (a very slow process). In a sense, our brains are operating on cultural evolution time and our bodies are running on Paleo time. In other words, there is clash between our modern eating habits and our ancient genes.

If only we could return to our healthy eating habits and make our bodies function properly again. Well, one way is to change the diet completely or partially, however, another way would be to take in supplements that could help us digest our modern foods better making the most out of what we do eat.

XBrain has formulated a supplement that aids in the digestion process promoting healthy digestion and greater absorption in the intestine known as Digestime. Digestime contains all the components for proper digestion by combining betaine hydrochloride, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, apple cider vinegar, caraway seed, chamomile herb, fennel, ginger root, peppermint leaf and turmeric.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, Paleo or consume the typical modern diet, all natural Digestime may help to restore gastrointestinal health or aid in maintaining an already healthy tract. Digestime combines powerful enzymes for digestion along with seeds and herbs that contribute to increased absorption, increase in blood flow and a decrease in intestinal inflammation. This mimics a Paleo diet in capsule form which makes it simple and convenient. Digestime doesn’t contain any ingredients known to irritate the gut.

If you are experiencing constipation, excess gas production, bloating, acid reflux or diarrhea, Digestime may be able to restore your gastrointestinal tract back to normal simply by providing the necessary ingredients that your food is missing. Moreover, Digestime will free up vital vitamins and minerals that you need by completely digesting what you eat. You don’t need to eat more, just digest better!

Many individuals suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), lactose intolerance, bloating and inflammation, however, a Paleo diet has been reported to remedy these conditions and given that Digestime contains many of the ingredients normally found in a Paleo diet, supplementation is another way to relieve IBS.

IBS is a very uncomfortable disorder that alters regularity, creates cramping and pain, constipation and other digestive issues. It is believed that our primitive ancestors had a healthy nutritional regime and so they did not experience gastrointestinal disturbances such as IBS and general constipation. So, the idea is to eat paleo-friendly foods and restore the guts normal function. It is known that carbohydrates from grains, legumes and dairy can lead to gas production and bloating and a number of individuals suffer from lactose intolerance. At this point in time, we have not adapted genetically to cope with our modern day diets that contain dairy, grains, legumes and grain-fed cows.

It is believed that individuals with IBS are not able to break down carbohydrates in the small intestine so they can’t be absorbed there so they continue to travel down to the colon where bacteria will break down the carbs which in turn leads to the production of gas, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation. There are three sugars known as fructans (in wheat and rye) and galactans (in legumes) and polyols, which are found in artificial sweeteners and some fruits that are also responsible for digestive issues. These sugars as well as lactose are banned from the Paleo diet simply because primitive man didn’t eat them. So, by removing grains, dairy and sugars from out diet we are going back to what we are genetically adapted to. This should restore normal digestive function by reversing the effects of our modern diets.

XBrain’s Digestime contains a number of digestive enzymes such as proteases, lipases, amylases and acids to break down the foods you ingest so that you can get the most out of the nutrients they have to offer. These particular ingredients were brought together because they work synergistically to promote overall gastrointestinal health as well as whole body health.

Whole vegetables and fruits contain natural enzymes and Digestime contains natural proteases from pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain) that break down protein into small polypeptides and small polypeptides into amino acids making them readily available for absorption in the intestine. Many of the foods we eat are lacking in enzymes or the enzymes have been rendered inactive through cooking. Digestime contains lipases which are enzymes that break down fats and amylases that break down carbohydrates. Digestive enzymes also help in releasing vital vitamins and minerals that are necessary for energy production and overall health. Digestime also contains botanicals known to support healthy digestion and maintain a healthy intestinal lining that enhances the guts ability to release its own digestive enzymes.

As we get older, our gastrointestinal tracts tend to become alkaline making digestion difficult. Digestime has added betaine hydrochloride and apple cider vinegar to increase the secretion of HCL in the stomach for increased digestion which in turn increases the release of pancreatic enzymes which are important for digestion in the upper small intestine. The consequences of this is less gas production hence less bloating and cramping. Additionally, caraway seeds promote beneficial bacterial growth because components in the seeds inhibit unhealthy bacteria. More healthy bacteria supports further digestion, enhanced immune function and increased absorption of minerals. This further decreases gas production and bloating. Chamomile has ingredients that relax muscle spasms and inflammation allowing the gut to return back to normal contractions known as segmentation and peristalsis. Fennel stimulates gastric juice release and enhances nutrient absorption.

Ginger is an important component of Digestime as it supports many aspects of digestion. Ginger contains a number of beneficial digestive components, however, there is one of particular interest. The molecule is known as zingibain which can break down proline groups in proteins. If you’re not able to break down proline groups, this generates indigestion, food allergies and intolerance. Digestime also contains peppermint which is important for increasing bile flow which allows for better fat emulsification and tumeric has bitters that aids in settling the stomach and enhancing digestion as well.