Maca herbal hormone replacement therapy is one of the safest and most natural hormone therapies that might work for you, though research are still on going on this. Maca as a matter of fact can be the best natural hormone replacement therapy for women who are currently undergoing menopause and some of the symptoms associated with hormone imbalances. Maca is also undergoing investigation for possible role in reducing enlarged prostate gland in men and women. Maca has been proven to be very helpful in boosting libido, its influence in reliving symptoms associated with hot flashes, exhaustion and depression are also being considered.

Maca seems to have gained some prominence in understanding the issues relating to level hormones and their bad effects in men, low hormone levels are often responsible for  several sexual dysfunction and infertility cases, maca therefore, may offer some help in hormone replacement therapy because it contains some chemicals that increase the secretion of such hormones from different glands, so also it provides essential amino acids, Vitamins and minerals that form the build blocks of several functions in the body.

One of the ways through which maca can work as a natural hormone replacement therapy is by acting as an intensifier and a rejuvenator of the endocrine system. Maca is believed to possess the abilities to stimulate the endocrine system and make it manufacture hormones by itself, especially in the right proportion to make them perform their functions.

Several unnatural hormone replacement therapies have adverse effects on the body, for instance, they make the body age rapidly. Maca hormone replacement therapy on the other hand contains substances that are “hormone-like” in nature and they work naturally without causing any side effects if maca is used under the recommendable dosages. Vegetable and medical hormone therapies will also work, but they do not contain natural hormone-like ingredients, therefore, your hormone glands may over-work and that can have adverse effects on your body- rapid ageing for instance. 

Taking synthetic estrogen supplements can have adverse effects on your body, but maca is safe, natural and can be a good alternative Hormone replacement therapy for your body.

There are lots of maca supplements that claim to provide essential ingredients that can offer the best natural hormone replacement therapies for you, you need to be careful of these supplements and use them only when your doctor has recommended any for you. Research are still ongoing to confirm if maca can be a permanent replacement for the existing hormone replacement therapies and until such research has been concluded, one cannot permanently confirm  such.

Maca is surely one of the best natural sources of essential nutrients in the world today , it has been used for centuries as energy booster and to suppress food cravings.

This is the adaptogenic herb with the strong aphrodisiac properties as well as is used for infertility and general tonic. The research has looked at this herb for treating the high blood pressure and diabetes and a few interesting data that came to light.  None of these studies conducted up till now show any kind of the effect of maca at sex hormone levels.  Just after 22 days of the Maca treatment, male mouse’s behavior increases. The Maca can be consumed in many ways. Pit roasted maca is most common preparation & is named matia. The thick and sweet decoction of the maca can be made by boiling in water for many hours (given the altitude). This is often mixed with some other vegetables, potatoes or grains, and made in flour for baking.