Bacopa plant has many varieties and is mostly seen in tropical areas. The plant bears white, blue and purple flowers with thick green leaves. The leaves of the plant if crushed give the aroma of lemon. The scent of the flowers is very refreshing and for this reason people use these flowers for decoration. The leaves of the plant are thought to have a lot of medicinal uses as compared to any other part of the plant. The plant is used for different purposes in India from ancient times. The plant is also capable of growing in water and the water content in the plant is very high. Traditionally the plant is used as a remedy for tumors, asthma and osteoarthritis. The plant is found to have many other benefits which were not discovered until now.

Bacopa is an herb which is known for its different medicinal uses. The plant is found to have very good effect in increasing the memory. In few clinical cases, it was found the Bacopa extracts are very useful in enhancing the memory of the individual. Some people also say that bacopa can be effective in preventing the individual from shock and stroke. The bacopa extracts are found useful in treating epilepsy and are also used to enhance the memory. Some researchers think that this plant extract may also prevent the individual from shock and stroke. Bacopa protects the brain from the antioxidant activity and thus enhance the function of the brain. Bacopa extracts also provide nourishment to the nerves and make the individual more active. The herb contains flavonoids and other active ingredients, such as saponins. Many people who have been using the bacopa as a food supplement claim that their eye sight got better. Nowadays, recent research found that bacopa is very effective as a mild sexual enhancer. It provides nourishment to the prostate gland and is also useful in increasing libido. Experimental studies showed that the bacopa is very effective in providing relief from stress and anxiety. People who have problems such as memory loss, fatigue, depression, anxiety and stress found bacopa a useful substance. From the ancient times this herb is used for providing ease in stress and anxiety. Patients who suffer from epilepsy found bacopa very helpful because it boosts the immune system and provides nourishment to the nerve cells. Few other benefits of bacopa are immunomodulation, anti-aging and anti-stress. Bacopa extracts if taken as a part of diet on a regular basis are helpful in preventing the individual from asthma and bronchitis. Bacopa was also found useful in treating upper respiratory tract infections. Some herbalists use bacopa as an anti-aging agent, it keeps the skin fresh and fair. Moreover, some experimental evidence is also available regarding the positive effect of bacopa in treating tumors. Antidepressant activities of bacopa are also well known and many people find bacopa useful in getting rid of mental stress. Bacopa is very effective in healing wound and also help in treating gastric ulcers.

Taking an overview of bacopa benefits shows us that it is beneficial in healing gastric ulcers, provide relief from stress, act as anti- inflammatory agent and also assist the immune system in fighting different foreign bodies. With all these benefits bacopa is considered to be one of the most useful herbs. From the books of ancient medicines and till now bacopa is used for treating several different chronic diseases. Still more research is required to find more about bacopa.