Huperzine A is an alkaloid which is present naturally in some plant species. The most common plant from which it is extracted is “Chinese Club Moss”. Huperzine A is a well-known food supplement of Chinese origin. Many herbalists have been found using huperzine A for the treatment of swelling and fever since old times. Chinese club moss is also one of the herbs which have many active ingredients and these active ingredients are helpful in treating different health related problems of human beings. Recent research findings claim that this herbal extract is very effective in improving the human health.

One of the best known benefits of huperzine A is its effectiveness in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Some other benefits of huperzine include memory enhancement, treating muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis. Some researchers also prescribe huperzine A for increasing memory and learning skills. Individuals, who have been using huperzine A, say that it is very effective in providing relief from muscular fatigue after heavy exercise. Huperzine is also very useful in boosting the immune system and it may also provide strength to the nerves of the human body. Regular use of huperzine may also increase the amount of acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is a chemical which nerves use for communicating with the muscles, organs and the brain. The greater the amount of huperzine in the body, better will be the health of the individual. As it is mentioned earlier that huperzine A is very effective in boosting the immune system and it also helps in the communication of the nerves. Better nervous communication results in increased alertness and memory skills of an individual. Huperzine A may also increase the muscle mass of the individual who regularly uses it as a food supplement. Other than this the plant leaves can also be used as a tea and kehva. Huperzine A may also provide nourishment to the brain cells. Researchers also say that the use of huperzine may also help in preventing the individual from cognitive diseases. A research carried out by few medical specialists showed that individual who have low levels of huperzine in their body suffered from memory loss. To improve the memory skills huperzine A can be very useful. People who are suffering from dementia may also find huperzine A as a good remedy. People who complain of memory loss and poor thinking skills may find huperzine A very effective. Huperzine A is also effective in preventing the nerves from getting damaged from free radical activities. Huperzine A is helpful in treating fever and it may also regulate the blood glucose levels in the body. The huperzine A can also be very effective in treating osteoarthritis and joint pain. Huperzine A helps in providing relief during stress and tension. Huperzine A is considered to have a calming effect on the human body. People who have disturbed sleep cycles may also find huperzine A useful.

Many researchers and herbalist are working on the china club moss, so that they can find more benefits of the huperzine. The above mentioned benefits of huperzine are of great help in treating/reducing many biological disorders.