Manganese is known as one of the most important elements in the periodic table. The element is also present abundantly in the earth’s crust. The natural reservoirs of manganese salts are seen under the ocean water. Few countries such as Brazil and Russia are having the great reservoirs of manganese. Manganese can be extracted from the ocean bed and is often exported to other countries. Manganese can be synthesized in the laboratory. Naturally manganese is present in different fruits and vegetables. Few food items such as grains and dates are having traces of manganese in them. Manganese is used for imparting colors to different metals and glass items. Manganese is also present in a pure form and in some cases its compounds with sodium and citrate are also seen. Manganese in pure form is hard and crystalline. Whereas some compounds of manganese are very soft. Manganese readily reacts with water and air. Manganese is present in the pineapple and legumes other than the grains. The trace metals, including manganese, which are present in the human body, are essential for the proper growth of the body.

Manganese is considered to be the part of the human body as traces of manganese are found in the cell. Manganese citrate has many benefits and is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. It may be helpful in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the human body. Manganese is found to be very helpful in preventing the process of osteoporosis in females. According to some researchers manganese helps in binding of calcium to the bones. Bones remain strong as more calcium is deposited in the presence of manganese. Manganese is also very helpful in bringing more water in the intestines. Greater amount of water is attracted in the intestines and it results in inducing defecation. People who are suffering from constipation may find manganese citrate helpful in getting rid of the condition. Manganese citrate also increases intestine motility and was used as an internal wound healing agent in ancient times. Manganese may serve as a purgative. Dietary sources of manganese are considered to be very necessary for the growth and health of the bones. Manganese in combination with other salts may help in strengthening the spinal cord. Manganese and calcium are considered to be essential substances in preventing the process of osteoporosis. Normally, it is seen that many people suffer from bone problems after the age of 50. Manganese citrate may be considered as a key substance in providing strength to the bones. Manganese may also reduce inflammation and act as a protector for the joints.  Manganese rich diets may help the individuals from getting arthritis. Manganese citrate can be useful in reducing muscular cramps. Very less amount of manganese is required for the proper functioning of the body and it was found that manganese may also prevent the individual from getting diabetes. Manganese also prevents the individual from getting obese. Manganese may have a nourishing effect on the bones and muscles. Manganese may also play a great role in binding of calcium with the bones. This trace element acts as a co-factor for different important enzymes. One of the most important functions of manganese is the formation of prothrombin after reacting with vitamin K. Manganese is very essential for the lipid and protein metabolism in the human body. Manganese found to be the integral part of the human body. It helps in glucose utilization and also helps in the synthesis of the thyroid hormone. Manganese is also needed for the production of sex hormones in the human body. Other than production of sex hormones, manganese is essential for better absorption of other minerals and vitamins. Manganese citrate is considered to be the best form of manganese which is absorbed readily in the human body.