Strontium is an element abundantly found in the earth’s crust and needed for different functions in the human body. Strontium has different isotopes, which are also present in the earth’s crust. Strontium is very reactive when it comes in contact with water and air. Pure forms of strontium are not seen commonly. Strontium is in the same family as calcium and magnesium because it is having somewhat similar chemical and physical properties. Strontium in combination with calcium is found to be of great importance for the human body. Both these compounds are having a great role in providing strength to the skeletal system of human beings. Drinking water also fulfills the amount of strontium needed by an individual. Other than the drinking water strontium is present in grains, vegetables and fish. All these products which contain strontium have really good effect on the health of the individual.

Strontium is very necessary for the body because traces of strontium are found in making bones of humans. Strontium may also be helpful in making cartilage and joint capsule. In a study, it was seen that strontium provide strength to the bones and help in providing support to the muscular mass of the human body. According to some researchers, strong evidence is available regarding the importance of strontium in the bone formation process. It is also seen that the strontium rich food items can prevent the individual from arthritis and other bone deformities. Strontium in combination with calcium is considered to be very effective against the process of osteoporosis. Strontium is considered to increase the bone mass and few people also say that strontium nourishes the bones. Strontium citrate may also help in the bone formation process by increasing the number of osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are the bone forming cells. Strontium can be used to study the release of neurotransmitters. Therefore, it also helps in the proper functioning of the neurons. Strontium is considered to be as important as calcium for the bone formation in the human body. Strontium citrate can be helpful in treating the cancer patients. According to some researchers, strontium citrate helps in bone healing. Strontium citrate may also help in providing strength to the teeth and gums. Strontium citrate may also help in reducing joint pain in older age. Whereas, according to few medical professionals, strontium citrate provides nourishment to the vertebral column. Strontium citrate is considered to be of great importance to the women who are facing menopause. It is important because it increases the bone mass in women, especially during menopause women lose a lot of calcium deposits from their bones. Strontium at the time of post and pre menopause provides strength to the bones. Strontium can be a source of reducing joint pain and fatigue. Strontium citrate may also increase the bone forming cells in the body, and at the same time it prevents the body from osteoporosis. The process of bone formation is continuously only up to a certain age. Whereas repair or maintenance of the bones is carried out for whole life. Strontium plays a great role in maintaining the bone strength in the body. According to latest research, strontium might be useful in the cartilage formation. Whereas strontium citrate is useful in providing strength to the teeth. Strontium is considered to be very effective in maintaining the structure of the eyeball. The strontium which is present in the dust and air gets inside the body through breathing of air. Strontium rich food when ingested provides strontium to the body. Strontium citrate may also fight the cancer cells present in the bone marrow. In young age, strontium is seen as a key agent in making and providing support to the bones. The hard material present in the bone is having strontium in it. Strontium is essential for the formation of the collagen by the osteobalsts. Collagen provides strength to the bone. Strontium also provides assistance in maintaining the strength of the vertebral column during pregnancy. Strontium is considered to be supporting substance for the bones.

In some cases, strontium citrate may help in reducing tension and anxiety. According to latest research finding, if the individual is having normal levels of strontium in his body, he/she may have less chances of getting brain stroke. Strontium assists in the bone formation and also helps in increasing the bone mass. Strontium can also be of great importance for the better health of gums and teeth.