Maca powder can be produced from dried maca leaves or dried maca root. Raw organic maca powder is one of the most prominent maca supplements in the market today and in most cases, they are made from the roots of the plant. In Peru where maca originated from, maca roots or leaves are harvested, dried and grounded into flour-like substances , the powder itself is regarded as a food but it can be blended into so many other stuffs which include; cookies, cakes, blender drinks, and chips. A quick maca drink can be prepared by simply taking a teaspoon of the powder {depending on the concentration of maca in the powder}, it can be added to warm water and consumed with some little honey or sugar.

1 teaspoon of Maca is often recommended for daily dosage, the body may not tolerate higher concentrations of Maca.  Organic natural maca powder is known for its dynamic and therapeutic effects on the body, it can be sprayed on foods, or stirred into fruit smoothies, yoghurts, or prepared into some concoction. Aside the fact that organic Maca powder can boost your energy, Libido and relieve you from stress, the powder can also be a natural booster for the much needed amino acids alongside essential mineral components like selenium, iron, magnesium and calcium.

 A daily maca supplement in its organic form is believed to support the endocrine system, relieve ulcers and help relieve menopause symptoms.

Maca powder is produced from the roots and leaves of maca plants which are grown in the cold, arid regions of high mountainous places of South America. Maca is inhospitable to most other crops. Maca powder offers a pleasant, mild flavour and this is the reason why it can be added to most staple foods easily. Your morning cereals, oat meals, and beverages can easily mix well with maca to form well balanced and nutritious combinations. A teaspoon of maca powder can blend very well into your milkshake or hot chocolate; you may even decide to sprinkle a teaspoon of the powder into your bread dough or cookie to enhance its nutritional status without changing the overall taste.

Yu can make an extra energizing mix by combining Maca powder with raw cocoa powder- this will definitely be a 2-in-1 booster for energy and supply of nutrients. Maca powder supplements are now being used by athletes for an instant supply of energy before main athletic events. Maca powder contains about 16% dietary fiber and 3% carbohydrates, Iron level stands at around 5% while calcium levels stands at 6%. Vitamins A,C ,D,E,K as well as other mineral components like potassium and magnesium are also available in significant constituents. A standard teaspoon of Maca powder should give you no more than 50 calories.

The weak beer that is made just by fermenting maca is well known as chicha maca. Maca smoothies, prepared by pureeing maca with the water and milk, cinnamon, honey, and fruit are gaining a lot of popularity. Edible leaves of the Lepidium meyenii is used as the leaf vegetable, raw or cooked in salads, as well as are same to those of the close relatives Lepidium campestre and Lepidium sativum. Maca is the plant, which grows in the central Peru in high plateaus of Andes mountains. This is cultivated as the vegetable crop at Peru for 3000 years. Maca is the relative of radish as well as has the odor similar to the butterscotch. The root is been used to make the medicine. Maca can also be used for the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); “tired blood” (or anemia); enhancing energy, athletic performance, stamina, fertility and memory.