Brain health is very important and it plays a very crucial part in human body. 1 billion people around the globe are suffering from nervous disorders. Scientists are still working to recognize those areas of brain that play their part in human health. These areas may be involved in the certain diseases that are related to brain. Cerebral cortex is the main area that is responsible for keeping a good memory power. Many people are confused as they relate the size of brain with the memory power. It should be kept clear that the brain of size has nothing to do with the memory.

Memory deals with the recalling and remembering and saving several imprints on human brain. You can increase your ability to remember by taking a good nutritional food. The balance of human body depends upon the performance of brain. Many vitamins and proteins are very helpful in this regard. Brain stimulators may help to increase the blood circulation which in turn is responsible for the oxygenation of neural tissues.

The blood circulation has a major part in brain development. Few other factors are also responsible to increase the oxygen supply towards the human brain. Vitamin D may increase the cognition but there are no effects that are reported with memory improvement. The cognition is defined as the ability to learn and decide for the better. This decision power is very helpful in the leadership skills. Many business companies are now taking the EQ test instead of an IQ test. The emotional quotient of brain is directly related to the cognition.

An increase in IQ is responsible for better memory while the increase in EQ is related to the better cognition power. Intelligence and concentration development is also dependent upon the health of brain. Certain nootropics may help to improve these neural traits. These are also called as the neuro stimulants and or brain enhancers. There are many reasons to take these neuro drugs. Here are some of the reasons. The first reason is that you can improve the brain performance by repairing the damages that are imposed by several anti-depressants and tranquilizers. The damage repair depends upon the brain supplements as these may help to increase the chances of nerve repair and better nerve impulse generation.

As far as the toxicity of these neuro stimulators is concerned, there are no issues relating to the side effects. Optimum doses can give better results. The natural formulation may prove to help the mental traits and in turn, increases the chances of better memory. It is 100% natural fact that nutritional supplements may provide the perfect environment for cell growth and brain development.

Hence it can be concluded that better memory enhancers may be helpful to increase the memory. The increase in the memory can give you a better and healthy life. A healthy mind is responsible for a healthy body. If you are weak in brain performance then here is a better option for you to cure the disorders that are related to human brain.  Nootropics are the class of drugs, which promote the cognitive function. In the nutshell, it means that they make you much smarter and intelligent. But, intelligence is the blanket term. How one define “intelligence”, “smart”, or “cognition”? Is this your capability of recalling information? Thus it has problem solving skills? math skills? Or does learning the new skill will make you smarter? Answer to all these questions is not very simple. Being very smart is the term that will apply to plenty of things. One thing is very clear however, and this is whatever level of the intellegence that you are handed on birth is that you are stuck at.