Human health depends upon the working of brain. Many hormones as well as different body secretions are controlled by our nervous system. Pregnancy is defined as a period from conception to the delivery of baby. All the body processes should be coordinated in all the three trimesters. Many people ignore this period and don’t prefer to give the health tonics and other nourishment during this period. Scientists are now accepting this fact that human brain plays a vital role in controlling all the body responses during pregnancy. The brain of the mother coordinates with the fetus and there are several hormonal secretions that control the whole process. Brain power is most important to deal with these tough trimesters. Several brain enhancers may help to give a healthy brain to mother and consequently, to the baby. These neuro enhancers may help to make brain tissues very susceptible towards the information storage and sharing. In other words, there may be a definite impact on memory power. The brain of mother and the new baby are in continuous communication and this mode of communication can be enhanced by a better health.

These days, researchers are working to find the exact relationship between the several mental traits. Intelligent people may not always be good decision makers. Similarly, a good speaker may fail to speak in some areas that are related to IQ and other similar tests. So, what is the exact story behind all this? There are certain areas of brain that deals with these processes. Each area needs better nourishment in order to work in an optimum way. A good mother can give birth to a smarter kid. According to a survey, it has been proved that the mothers who are getting good nourishment may give birth to healthier and smarter kids. The brain supplements such as nootropics may help to revive the normal functions of brain. Brain is much like an air craft that needs coordination of all the parts to fly. Otherwise there is a crash! So, in order to avoid brain damage and other similar problems, nutritionists recommend that neuro enhancers may work positively and precisely. A good sleep and a healthy exercise may also prove to be helpful to achieve a healthy mind. The brain of your baby may respond towards the use of certain brain supplements that increases the flow of blood.

Dose rate should be kept optimum because the natural therapies require a smaller amount to act. These neuro stimulators are natural and may help to increase the oxygenation of your brain tissues. You may also use these drugs on regular basis in order to have better and permanent results. You can consult your physician for further details and dosages during early, middle and late trimester.

Hence, it can be concluded that the healthy brain is the reason for a healthy life. Mothers should take a good care during the pregnancy to avoid the worse conditions. The nootropics may prove to be helpful in this regard. Among the vast range of the nootropic supplements and drugs available, piracetam belonging to racetam class of the nootropics was first drug to be discovered very helpful and effective in treating the memory loss, age associated memory decline as well as lack of concentration among elderly. This was found that the piracetam when compared to memory enhancers had the beneficial effect on brain’s Corpus Callosum that connects 2 hemispheres of brain responsible for creativity and reasoning. Thus nootropil act as the wonderful brain power drugs that effectively work in reducing damage done to brain cells, repair the brain cells & nerves, stop further damage that is caused because of free radicals or enhance the overall cognition & energy to higher level.