Brain development starts in very early age of child. Brain starts its working when the baby is inside womb of his mother and continues to develop till late age. The death of brain cells lead to decreased memory and less precise decision. The decision making process is generally known as cognition. For some people, memory and cognition are similar characteristics but it should be clear that these are two different abilities.

These abilities are dependent upon the brain health and functionality. Any damage to brain health my lead to serious effects on human memory. You can take the example of a fish. If a fish is provided with fresh water to live then it will survive and otherwise it will die. Same is the case with human brain cells that if they are provided with all the suitable conditions then they will grow otherwise necrosis will result. Now, there are certain drugs available which may provide a perfect environment for the brain cell growth. Certain nootropics are reported that may enhance the performance of your nerve cells. Better impulse control ensures the enhanced health performance.

Several depression disorders are very common. According to a reliable report, the deliberate use of anti-depressants and relaxants can decrease the brain activity. This is much like a stopper for brain functionality. Physicians and scientists are now working towards the better ways to enhance the nerve impulse generation. Several disorders are reported that may prove fatal in many cases. So, in order to stop the damage and to activate the repairing mechanisms you have to take a good care of your diet and all such issues that are directly or indirectly related to memory.

Certain vitamins, proteins and good fats like Omega 3, 6, 9 may be involved in accelerating brain repair mechanisms. You can also use the brain enhancers for this purpose as these may help to provide a suitable environment for the growth of nerve cells. The cell depletion has a negative impact on your memory and intelligence. You can achieve a better memory if you take a healthy diet along with better nutritional supplement.

There are no side effects of the nootropics as these may be considered as natural therapies. An optimum dose is also called as ideal dose rate and it is defined as the minimum amount of drug that is required to cure any disorder and that impose least threats to human health. Up to the optimum doses these are considered to be the safest and smartest drugs. For better results, these brain supplements may be used with milk or any other healthy food. A better way to enhance the brain performance is to exercise on regular basis as blood circulation is also useful for a better memory.

To conclude, brain supplements may help you to achieve a better brain health. Some stimulants and brain tonics may also prove to be useful for human memory. No side effects are reported as these drugs are 100% naturally formulated and may be safe up to the optimum dose rates.

Research in nootropics is generally centered in correcting the abnormal levels of the cognizance (as happens with Alzheimer’s or ADHD), and not the brain enhancement for own sake. Whereas there are many chemicals that can be perceived having nootropic effects, most commonly used supplements and drugs in the academic settings are modafinil, methylphenidate (aka Ritalin), atomoxetine and dextroamphetamine (aka Adderall). Commercially, you may find the nootropics offered on internet for sale, particularly those in racetam family like oxiracetam and piracetam. Almost all the stimulants have the nootropic effect in some dosage level