Human brain is the most developed brain among all the creatures on this planet. Memory, one of the vital functions of human brain, is defined as the imprints that are stored in human brain. These imprints are stored in the cerebral cortex and other parts of cerebrum. The function of all parts of brain along with the nerves in the body makes a healthy nervous system. Human nervous system is not an independent unit as it depends upon many factors that are related to the physical and mental health of an individual. The healthy brain, in turn, is responsible for controlling various operations that are conducted by various organs at different events. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system may be affected by certain supplements. The nutrition scientists have developed certain products that may help to increase the efficiency of brain. Advanced research has several outcomes and nootropic is one of such products that may affect the performance of your brain.

Most of the people are very confused about the action of brain enhancers. It is a fact that the biochemical aspects of human body are very important to understand the chemistry of these neuro enhancers. After the intake of these drugs, your body may experience different positive changes. After the intake, these may absorb in your blood and may increase the oxygen supply to blood. In return, the blood may supply a substantial amount of oxygen to human brain. This in turn may help you to increase your memory. The action and reaction of human nervous system is a very complex issue and scientists are still working on the targeted treatment of the nervous issues.

Many of the brain enhancers may also improve your sexual functionality. The nootropics may affect those damaged areas of brain that are affected due to anxiety and depression disorders. This may also accelerate the repair mechanism which in turn may improve the working of brain. Certain brain supplements may also prove to be effective as these may supply the desired amount of vitamins and proteins to the targeted part of human brain. Human memory depends upon the health of body as well as brain. Certain neuron endings in different parts of heart are also crucial for the proper working of nervous system. Certain anti-depressants may prove to be lethal as brain loses its normal function and damage mechanism may be highly accelerated.

Now, what are the side effects that may affect your body or brain? So, according to many research and scientific study, there is no such proof of any side effect. An optimum dose of any drug is defined as a quantity which is taken to solve a certain disorder in human body. An optimum dose has no side effect on your body. Excess of the most wonderful medicine may prove to be lethal. You may use the desired quantity of the natural nootropics, to achieve better results.

Hence, it can be concluded that the perfect brain enhancers may give your family a better memory as well as better intelligence. Most of the nootropics are plant or nutrients components (roots, herbs, bark, beans, etc.), accessible over the counter in any health food & grocery stores, as well as are used as the nutritional supplements. Some of the nootropics are drugs, which is used to treat neural degradation (Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s), retardation, and in oxygen deficit help in preventing hypoxia. Such drugs have various human enhancement applications also, are marketed highly on the Web as well as are used by a lot of people in the personal cognitive enhancement.