Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport is a clinically tested supplement that was designed with real athletes in mind – utilising clean, natural energy to prepare professional and amateur sportsman to compete at the highest level. It contains a plethora of nutrients that have the potential to increase athletic performance, including – cordyceps sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants, and methyl B-12. It is certified by the BSCG – guaranteeing that it is drug free and safe for use in competition.

Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport has the potential to give you a real athletic edge, by – helping to battle fatigue, improving oxidisation and reducing oxidative stress on the body, while also providing your cells with the energy that they need to perform at their best. Unlike many of its competitors, Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport battles fatigue by aiding in the cellular production of ATP, rather than offering merely stimulant-based energy. A process that is believed to improve oxygen utilisation, allowing you to perform at your best for longer and recover quicker.

Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport has been the subject of rigorous clinical trials at Florida State University, during which it was compared with a placebo, amongst a group of young athletes. During the course of the trial, those who were taking Shroom Tech Sport, were shown to increase bench press reps by 12%, bench press and back squats by 7% and cardio performance by 8.8%. Numbers which demonstrate that Shroom Tech Sport enhances both cardio and resistance performance.

All athletes strive to be the best at what they do and the opportunity to increase athletic performance by 12% is impossible to ignore – especially when you consider that piecemeal gains such as 1% can often make the difference between coming first and last. If you want to take your athletic performance to the next level, then Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport is the perfect supplement for you.

Shroom Tech Sport works well as a standalone supplement, although many people find that the best results come, when it is used as part of Onnit’s Total Human Complete Supplement Pack, a complex blend of nutrients that gives you what you need, when you need it. Whichever way you choose, don’t miss the chance to maximise your athletic performance with this incredible supplement.

Shroom Tech Sport – Clinical Tests

Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport underwent rigorous clinical trials at Florida State University in July 2018. Scientists at Florida State compared the benefits of using Shroom Tech Sport, as compared to a placebo amongst a group of athletes undergoing a rigorous exercise regime. In that study those taking Shroom Tech Sport outperformed the placebo group by – averaging three more reps (28 vs 25) on the bench press (a 12% increase); a number that increased to four when analysing the bench press and the squat combined. The Shroom Tech Sport group also outperformed the placebo group on the cardio – showing a 3% decrease in maximal sprinting as compared to an 11% decrease in the placebo group. This led the researchers to conclude that Shroom Tech Sport improved both strength training and high-intensity cardio training at both moderate and maximum intensities (Onnit, 2018).Clearly these results are exciting for any athlete – the opportunity to increase athletic performance by up to 12% has the potential to really make a difference whatever your goal. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Immune can be used as a standalone supplement, although many people see more benefits when they use it as a part of Onnit’s Total Human Complete Supplement Packs.


The BSCG Certified Drug Free program is considered to be the gold standard in outside dietary supplement testing. It puts each product through rigorous tests to guarantee athletes and consumers that the product in question is completely drug free. It covers more that 483 drugs, which is higher than the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which only covers 272. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport is certified by the BSCG, meaning that you can be confident that you are putting the right things into your body.

SHROOM TECH SPORT INGREDIENTS – Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport contains a series of highly bioavailable nutrients and minerals that are associated with increases in oxygen use, recovery and energy. This ensures that it is ideal for anyone who exercises regularly and is seeking a supplement that has the potential good of this exercise. It can be taken as a standalone supplement, although many people find improved results when they utilise it as part of Onnit’s Total Human Supplement Pack – an intelligent blend of nutrients that gives our bodies what it needs when they need it.

CORDYCEPS SINENSIS – Cordyceps Sinensis are a type of fungus that has been used in traditional Tibetan medicine for thousands of years. Tibetan legend tells of herdsman, who noticed that their flocks became livelier and more energetic when they grazed on caterpillar fungus, leading them to dry and then eat the fungus themselves. Fast forward to the modern day and science is starting to recognise the value of cordyceps, thanks to the presence of adenosine and cordycepic acid, alongside a plethora of other phytonutrients. They are believed to have the potential to increase our body’s ability to use oxygen (Nagata, 2006), with various studies demonstrating an improvement amongst athletes when compared with a placebo. They are also considered to be an anti-oxidant, with scientists theorising that they may help to alleviate oxidative stress and help police free radicals in our bodies (Xiao, 2012). While limited research has also shown them to have some benefit on our cardiovascular systems. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport contains cordyceps – offering you the potential to maximise your athletic performance. Shroom Tech Sport can be taken as a standalone supplement, however, many people find improved results when they use it as a part of Onnit’s Total Human Complete Supplement Pack – an intelligent blend of nutrients that give your body what it needs, when it needs it.

ASHWAGANDHA – Is an ancient oriental herb that has been prized in Indian medicine for thousands of years. It is believed to be an adaptogen – helping the body to manage and reduce its stress levels, due to its combination of withanolides, alkaloids, fatty acids, and amino acids (Chandrasekhar, 2012). It is also associated with several other unproven benefits, including increases in muscle mass and helping to reduce blood sugar levels. However, it is Ashwagandha’s potential to enhance reaction time and mental acuity that makes it especially interesting to athletes. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport contains this ancient medicinal herb, offering all the potential benefits that it could bestow.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – The benefits of Green Tea have been rumoured for millennia, although it is only more recently that science has come to understand why it is so good for our bodies. It has a combination of catechins, polyphenols, and the highly potent EGCG – giving it up to twenty-times better anti-oxidative properties than Vitamin C (Kurahashi, 2008). It is believed to be especially effective in scavenging lipid free-radicals, which has led it to be associated with improved fat burning (Dulloo, 1999). All of this and more makes it an ideal addition to Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport supplement, offering its takers the potential to enhance their athletic performance.

RHODIOLA – Rhodiola is a herb that originates from eastern Siberia, which is believed to help boost the nervous system, enhance work performance, decrease fatigue and reduce altitude sickness. It is believed to enhance performance during exercise, with several studies indicating that it enhances performance when compared to a placebo (Noreen, 2013). There is also limited evidence that suggest Rhodiola may have a positive impact on brain function (Shevtsov, 2003). Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport contains a small dose of Rhodiola, offering those who take it the chance to benefit from its many wonderful properties.

METHYL B-12 – Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps maintain our body’s blood and nerve cell health and is also associated with the production of DNA. It is also believed to help prevent a form of anaemia called megaloblastic anaemia that causes people to feel weak and tired (National Institues of Health and dietary supplements , 2018). However, the most common form of this important vitamin is known as cyanocobalamin, which is believed to be less effective. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport, uses Methylcobalamin, which is the only kind that can participate in homocysteine metabolism. This is of particular value to those who travel – as it is believed to help modulate our circadian rhythm – having the potential to increase recovery times after travel. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport contains this important and absorbable vitamin, ensuring that its takers can benefit from the many things it does.

ASTRAGALUS ROOT – A vital part of ancient Chinese medicine, there are no complete studies on Astragalus root. However, it is believed to boost the immune system, help lower blood sugar and help cardiovascular function. Further to this it is believed to help our bodies unlock the potential benefits of mushrooms – making it a vital part of Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport.

CHROMIUM (PICOLINATE) – Chromium is a mineral that helps us maintain balance in our body. It is associated with insulin control and the maintenance of optimal blood sugar levels – potentially preventing the spikes that are associated with weight gain.

Be at your athletic best, with Shroom Tech Sport

Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport has been demonstrated to improve athletic performance by up to 12% – a gain that is bound to catch every athlete’s attention. It is impossible to achieve perfection, all we can do is strive to get as close as possible – Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport helps you maximise your athletic potential, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy all the wonderful gains that it has the potential to give.


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