PeptoPro is a unique peptide formula derived from milk casein protein. Casein is a particularly good protein supplement, since it provides all 20 proteogenic amino acids that are required to synthesise the proteins in our bodies. In PeptoPro the long protein chains are extensively hydrolysed, so the supplement consists of di- and tri-peptides. These extremely short chains made out of only 2 or three amino acids are absorbed directly from the intestinal tract, requiring almost no digestion.  Taking a supplement containing PeptoPro will deliver the amino acids to your muscles almost instantly, so you get the aminos when they can give you the best benefits, during and right after your workout.

Pepto Pro will help you achieve:

  • Enhanced exercise performance and endurance.
  • Increased protein synthesis after the workout.
  • Accelerated recovery after exercise.

Amino acids are of course the building blocks of proteins. It is simply impossible for the body to synthesise proteins if it lacks the amino acids. There are 20 different amino acids found in the proteins in our body, and all 20 are necessary for protein synthesis. This is why dairy protein is such a valuable source of amino acids, because it contains all 20 of them. Of course only ten of our amino acids are essential, the other ten can be synthesised in the body. But efficient synthesis does depend on having optimal amounts of the different metabolites needed, and it is probably helpful to obtain even the so called non-essential aminos from the diet.

Amino acids are  not only used for building proteins, they can also be used for energy, either directly in the case of the three branched chain amino acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine, or by being used to create glucose through a process of gluconeogenesis in the liver. When the body gets through glucose, and glycogen stores it moves to using other metabolites for energy, and to restore glucose levels in the blood. If the level of free amino acids in the blood is low, the body can enter a catabolic state, in which muscle is degraded to produce amino acids which can then be used for energy. Obviously this is a bad state of affairs since your aim in working out is to increase lean muscle. Pepto Pro amino acid supplement can protect your muscles from degradation by providing free amino acids to your muscle cells.

 It is particularly important to ensure your body has sufficient amino acids when you are trying to burn fat by limiting carbohydrates. You might think that in the absence of carbohydrate your body will be forced to breakdown your lipid stores and utilize fatty acids for energy, but there is a limit to the rate of beta oxidation, the reaction through which fatty acids are metabolised. When you severely limit carbohydrates, you do increase the rate of fat oxidation, but you invariably also increase the rate of amino acid catabolism. Unless you provide your body plentiful amino acids, it will obtain them from breaking down your muscle.

Ensuring that your muscle cells are charged by with amino acids, especially leucine, valine and isoleucine, gives the muscles an additional source of energy.  The muscle cells can produce more ATP, which they can use to fuel more contractions, thus increasing endurance and performance during the workout. Obviously if your workout is more intense you will gain more muscle.

 PeptoPro rapidly increases the level of amino acids in your muscle cells

PeptoPro can very rapidly increase the level of amino acids in your muscle cells at the time when you really need them, during and right after a workout. The majority of muscle growth happens right after a workout, during the exercise-induced release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. It is essential to have plenty of amino acids present during this period so that protein synthesis and muscle growth can proceed at maximum speed. The problem is that taking a whole-protein supplement, or eating a protein-rich meal just before exercise will not work very well. When you workout your digestive system pretty much shuts down, as blood is diverted away to skeletal muscle. Long polypeptide chains made from hundreds of amino acids, cannot be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and need to be broken up by digestive enzymes before they can be taken up into the bloodstream. This will not happen during exercise. PeptoPro, on the other hand, consists of di- and tri-peptides. It can be absorbed without any further digestion and has very high bioavailability. It might seem reasonable to assume that free amino acids would absorb even faster, but, strangely enough that is not true. Scientific studies have revealed that protein hydrolysates, containing  di- and tri-peptides are absorbed even faster than free form amino acids. Sipping a drink made with PeptoPro during, and right after, is an effective way of raising serum amino acid levels, which can then be incorporated into protein and contribute to muscle growth.

PeptoPro also speeds up recovery of muscles after intense exercise and reduces muscle soreness. It might seem contradictory, but the initial effect of exercise is to damage muscle fibres. During the recovery period the myofibres are repaired and glycogen, which was depleted during the workout is replaced. Hydrolysed casein protein aids in the repair of muscle fibres during the recovery period. Many amino acids also have an insulinogenic effect, and enhance the effect of carbohydrates in the release of insulin. Insulin’s main function, of course, is to increase the rate at which cells take up nutrients, and an increase in glycogen synthesis. The overall effect of PeptoPro after exercise is to speed up the replacement of glycogen in cells, and therefore the recovery from exercise.

Insulin is not the only hormone whose release can be stimulated by amino acids. Apart from their function as the building blocks of proteins, and as a source of energy, many amino acids have signalling functions which contribute to the anabolic effect of protein supplements. For example glutamine is famous for causing the release of growth hormone, a major anabolic hormone that is released after exercise, and plays a major role in muscle growth. Leucine, on the other hand, stimulates protein synthesis by signalling through the mTOR pathway.

Because of their super fast rate of absorption, the di- and tri-peptides that make up PeptoPro, a unique hydrolysed casein formula, can have significant benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. PeptoPro contains all 20 amino acids that make up our proteins, and enhances protein synthesis, protects from protein breakdown for gluconeogenesis, and improves recovery from exercise. Because of its superior bioavailability you can be sure that the amino acids in PeptoPro will hit your system at exactly the right time, during exercise and right after it, to improve your endurance, stimulate muscle gain, and speed up recovery.

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