Cocoa can be processed in several different ways after processing, roasting is one of such . Native Americans, Aztecs, and Mayans were known to consume cocoa seeds in their natural state but it was the Europeans that first processed cocoa with sugar. Roasted cocoa beans give the seeds some strong characteristic flavor and smell but the nutritional benefits they offer can be compared in different ways with raw cocoa beans.

Many food processing companies using cocoa as the main ingredient of their products often make claims that such products contain the ideal amount of antioxidants and some other nutrients; however it has been discovered that roasting cocoa beans at temperatures higher than 230 degrees Celsius can actually reduce the antioxidants in the beans by as much as 70%. Lower temperatures of roasting may cause minimal damages to such nutrients.

Raw sugars found in some chocolates containing minute amount of raw cocoa can actually cause some disorders like dehydration in the body. Vitamin C is another major component found in cocoa, as a matter of fact, cocoa is believed to contain some of the highest amounts of natural Vitamin C in the world, heating cocoa beans at huge temperatures{ roasting } depletes the vitamin C significantly.

Some nutritionists refer to cocoa as the best natural chocolate one can find, however, roasting, melting, and heating will do much harm than good to most of the nutrients found in their natural states. Mineral elements such as zinc, magnesium, chromium, manganese and copper seem to be the most deficient mineral elements in the world but are found in significant amounts in cocoa are also denatured or eliminated under high heat treatments such as roasting . Minerals like calcium, and magnesium suffer most from excessive heating of chocolates, researchers suggest that more than 85% of these minerals can be destroyed during chocolate making.

Cocoa is also referred to as a bliss chemical in some ways, the reason for this is that , it possess some therapeutic features which elevates the mood of its individual consumer. Cocoa also contains some chemicals that elevate memory, euphoria and excitement. Arginine and amino acids are chemicals boosts some functions of the body , including enhanced libido and blood flow throughout the body , but when these chemicals are destroyed or depleted , their positive effects are also depleted.

Alkaloid Theobromine is one of the main antioxidants found in raw cocoa fruits or beans, this antioxidant dilate the blood capillaries making the vessels to absorb more nutrients. cocoa is so powerful that it is considered as the king of anti-oxidizing foods because it contains more than 20 times antioxidants found in blueberries, red wine and green teas. These ingredients can be easily depleted with roasting. Generally , raw cocoa beans are much more nutritious than roasted cocoa beans. Cocoa beans got the wide acceptance as the food stuff by middle of the last century. From then lots of food articles now have come with the cocoa as main ingredient. It is used in the sauces, some beverages, in pastries, cakes, etc. Even then main food product manufactured using the cocoa beans still chocolate. It is all time favorite with young generation & kids. Sweetness and softness of the chocolate attracts kids when romantic feelings that it arouse is made it favorite among of youth. Giving off the chocolate consider as the proposal nowadays. Thus there are many health benefits of eating cocoa, but it is always good to have anything in moderation and not exceed the usage.