In-conclusive researches on the effectiveness of maca have been one of the main reasons why it is almost difficult to recommend a particular dosage for raw maca or its supplemental form. One of the main reasons why many people consume maca without recommendation is the fact that maca itself has been a source of food for the Peruvian natives that have lived in the Andes Mountains of the region for many centuries. Maca has been discovered through a whole lot of researches to be highly effective in helping the body overcome some sexual dysfunction issues; it is also one of the best natural sources for amino acids, Vitamins, proteins and mineral elements.

Preparing the doses of maca should be done under a strict guidance of a doctor; though there are evidences that maca has been recommended under the dosage of between 500mg and 1,000 mg three times daily for a week in order to treat some infertility symptoms. Normally, the most recommendable dosage for maca is 450mg taken three times daily for a week or two. The recommendable dosage will also depend on the form of maca you are using; maca is available in pills, capsules, tablets, powder and liquid. Powder and liquid maca are the most potent more natural forms of maca which must be consumed at lower dosages.

There are some speculations that maca can be actively used in the treatment of sexual problems caused by the usage of anti-depressant drugs, there are also some ongoing researches in the involvement of maca in dealing with health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, menopausal symptoms and large prostrates, maca can therefore not be recommended for this ailments until a conclusive report and recommendable dosages are released.

Maca is an everyday tunic that can enhance the overall health of the user. It comes with a butterscotch aroma and it might cause some discomfort when consumed beyond recommendable unit. A 2002 research publish in the journal “Andrologia” reveals that maca actually increase significantly the sexual desires in men, maca was also found to have increased the overall semen volume, sperm motility, and sperm counts- maca was found to have reduced significantly stress in the men used for this research study.

Research has shown that there are no major side effects when using maca at the recommended daily dosage , but maca should not be relied solely upon for sexual desires and reliving stress so as to avoid addiction. Overdose of maca for long period of time can cause swollen glands or goiter –this occurs when maca is consumed continuously with low iodine diets. Excessive consumption of maca may also result in flatulence { passing out of excess gas continuously for a day or two}.

This herb grows in high altitudes in Andes is inhospitable areas in the intense sunlight, below freezing weather and violent winds and has the scalloped leaves that lie very close to ground as well as it produces the small, off white and self-fertile, flowers and root resembles the small pear in size & shape and is around 8 cm in the diameter. Leaves of Lepidium meyenii are been used in the herbal medicine however it is a root, which is used most and has most beneficial properties. Maca was actually used as the energy enhancer, raising the male potency and improving hormonal function. Maca has fatty acids like linolenic, palmitic & oleic acids as well as is very rich in the sterols and has the high mineral content. This is as well rich in the essential amino acids, iron and iodine and alkaloids, saponins and tannin.