Pure Cordyceps Super Increases Oxygen Utilization and ATP Production

Pure Cordyceps Super is a full spectrum mushroom product that is concentrated, purified and micronized as an extract at 16:1.  It is often used in drinks and supplements.  This is a hybrid mushroom that is purported to have the highest HEAA (hydroxy ethyl adenosine analogs) content.  Compare the two structures to the left (cordycepin vs adenosine).  Pure Cordyceps SuperTM contains a number of different adenosine analogs of which cordycepin is one.   This product is produced by Aloha Medicinals and they have studied Cordiceps in its native habitat (Himalayas).  From the natural habitat they took hundreds of species for scientific study and generation of hybrid species that are superior to the natural fungus.  Chemical analysis reports that this cultivated mushroom has 4 times the nucleoside content and 5 times more total active ingredients than its wild counterpart.  The harvesting of wild Cordyceps has been restricted due to its limited availability not to mention its price.  Now that Cordyceps can be cultivated, it is available at all times and relatively inexpensive.  These analogs are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity.  Interestingly, one analog is known as the drug Didanosine which is used to combat AIDS.

Pure Cordyceps is 100 percent organic and Kosher certified and guaranteed to be the most potent Cordyceps available.  Cordyceps is classified as an adaptogen which has the ability to maintain metabolic balance by maintaining homeostasis.  

Cordyceps Increases oxygen capacity and ATP levels.

Cordyceps has two major functions associated with it.  One is that it increases oxygen capacity and the other is that it increases ATP levels.  Oxygen capacity increases because Cordyceps acts on the lungs making it easier to breath bringing more oxygen to the body and brain.  We know that atmospheric partial pressures of oxygen run about 20 percent.  It turns out that when we exhale, we release 13 percent of the oxygen we inhaled.  This is actually very wasteful and certainly not efficient.  Human experiments have demonstrated that after oral administration of Cordyceps the exhalation percentage of oxygen drops to around 8 percent.  In other words, you have a thirty to forty percent increase in oxygen uptake directly into the body.  This extra oxygen is carried by red blood cells to every tissue in the body making it available to all your mitochondria.  This enables your mitochondria to make much more ATP making your system more efficient.  This is why athletes, especially long distance runners take Cordyceps.  The molecular components of this mushroom provide increased physical endurance, performance and stamina.  The extra oxygen provides for the production of more ATP that will help you go that extra mile and do it comfortably.

The seat of aerobic respiration is inside an organelle known as the mitochondria.  This is where glucose is broken down (catabolized) to make ATP in the presence of oxygen.  The tricarboxylic acid cycle and the electron transport system (ETS) are involved.  The final step coming out of the ETS system is where oxygen accepts an electron from the ETS system to make the final product water.  Without oxygen this system comes to a halt.  The end product of aerobic respiration is the generation of ATP.  ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy molecule responsible for running most of your metabolic reaction.  The body has very little ATP in reserve so the mitochondria have to keep making it.  If there isn’t enough glucose and oxygen around, ATP stores dwindle and the body becomes fatigued.

Cordyceps has been demonstrated to increase ATP  stores in the liver making more energy available to metabolize with.  It also carries antioxidant properties that help to scavenge free radicals in the mitochondria  protecting against cellular damage due to oxidative stress.  This in turn means that mitochondria can produce more ATP because their metabolic pathways are running efficiently.  Since oxygen capacity has been increased by about 40 percent in the lungs, this means there is more oxygen around to accept electrons from the ETS system hence more ATP can be made.  Make more ATP means you are catabolizing more glucose.  This helps to pull more glucose out of the blood promoting healthy blood glucose levels.

The key functions that allow Cordyceps to provide brain and body support orient themselves around the fact that this mushroom increases ATP production, increases oxygen capacity in the lungs and stabilizes blood sugar levels.