Huperzine is extracted from a naturally occurring herb “Chinese Club Moss.” The plant is native to the tropical areas and is used extensively for extracting huperzine. Huperzine is considered to be very useful in treating many physiological disorders. The books on ancient Chinese medicine show that huperzine is extensively used for treating many diseases. Huperzine is also considered to have calming and relaxing effect on the people who are suffering from stress. Huperzine is found to be a safe herbal extract for the human consumption. Use of huperzine in the ancient medicines proves that it is safe for human consumption. Huperzine A, if used as a food supplement regularly can be helpful in preventing the individual from several diseases.

Individuals who have been using huperzine A never found anything adverse or harmful about it. The herbal extract is considered safe and very effective in treating several diseases. Research shows that people who have a greater amount of huperzine A in their body are more alert and have better memory. Still further research is required to prove all the benefits of huperzine A. It is seen that people who use huperzine as a food supplement are free from stress and anxiety. According to many medical specialists, using huperzine A extract does not cause any harm to the human body. Huperzine A is found to be very effective in providing relief from muscular pain. On the other hand it can be very effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Greater amount of huperzine can also reduce signs of severe pain. Many bodybuilders and athletes found that huperzine A provide relief from muscular pain and fatigue. Scientists are still finding out about the side effects of huperzine A. Until now, huperzine A is considered to be safe for human consumption. Few researchers also studied that huperzine if taken as a tea on a regular basis may boost the immune system. According to the recent scientific research huperzine A is found to have great benefits. People who have been using huperzine A as a food supplement never complained about any adverse effects. Increased levels of huperzine in the body may also increase the nerve growth. Huperzine A enhances the activity of the nerves and thus makes the individual more active. Lower levels of huperzine may lead to dull and less responsive attitude in the individuals. One of the greatest uses of huperzine A now a day is for improving the memory skills. According to few herbalist people who were suffering from memory loss and stroke showed improvement after taking huperzine A.

Some researchers say that the use of huperzine in greater amount as food supplement may cause slight headache and nausea. Some other people also reported that they had a mild skin rash after taking huperzine A, but no scientific evidence is available to support such effects. Scientists and researchers are still working on the huperzine A to know what are its more benefits and adverse effects. It is recommended that people who are suffering from asthma or any other chronic disease may refer to a medical specialist before using the herbal extracts. Huperzine A is very well tolerated herbal extract with no serious adverse effects. It is also recommended that females who are pregnant or are breast feeding may consult a doctor before using the herbal extract. Precautions should be taken before using any kind of herbal supplements. Although, many herbalists and researchers found huperzine safe for human consumption.