Hemp protein is among the best food supplements you can ever depend upon. It contains some of the essential classes of foods like fiber, protein and fat. It however does not contain carbohydrate. Absence of carbohydrate should never be a barrier to your consuming hemp protein; since carbohydrate can be derived from millions of food sources out there.  

Some individuals may think hemp protein is gotten from the hemp plant used in making cannabis or marijuana. This is never the case. Hemp protein is obtained from another form of hemp plant, which is highly rich in protein. You do not ‘get high’ when you consume hemp protein. It helps to build your body and makes your healthier.

The amino acid contents of hemp protein are essential amino acids. They are very important in the proper growth of kids and adults alike. They are also used in making feeds for livestock. The usefulness of hemp protein does not stop there; it is useful for several other things that space may not permit to mention.   

Researches are on going on how to increase the protein content of hemp protein. Naturally, hemp protein contains about 37% of protein and about 43% of fiber. This high fiber content seems to bother scientists and several researches had been conducted into how to reduce the fiber content and increase the protein concentration.

This brought about the development of organic hemp protein. Organic hemp protein contains higher concentration of protein. An analysis of the organic protein showed that it contains about 50% of protein and only 20% of fiber. The fat content remains at about 11%.  This form of hemp protein is therefore the best for anyone seeking to increase his or her protein consumption. 

The organic form of the hemp protein does not contain a less active from of protein. The protein content is still as pure as what is obtainable in the ordinary form of hemp protein. The amino acid content is still free from sulphur and you can use it without the fear of decalcification. Decalcification occurs due to the consumption of sulphur-containing amino acids. The calcium deposit in the bones is ‘eroded’ by the amino acid and this increases the calcium content of urine. Many of the common sources of protein contain this sulphur-containing amino acid. Both the ordinary form of hemp protein and the organic form do not contain any sulphur-containing amino acid. You can then consume hemp protein with peace of mind.