Vitamin D3 with Coconut Oil 

Vitamin D3 Natural Stacks full scientific breakdown  

Because of less time spent out doors, and because most people now use sunscreen lotion whenever they are out in the sun, it is estimated that a large percentage of the population is not getting enough sun to make sufficient amounts of the vitamin. This comes at the same time as new roles for the vitamin are discovered. It is increasingly being recognised that a vitamin D3 supplement will benefit most people. Since the vitamin is involved in higher brain function, mood stabilisation and protecting the brain from effects of aging, many people see a boost to their cognition and mood when they start supplementing the vitamin.Read more..

Vitamin D3’s Cholecalciferol

Natural Stacks’ Vitamin D3’s Cholecalciferol is the form of the vitamin that is naturally synthesised in our skins when we are exposed to ultra violet B (UVB) rays in sunlight. It is the form of the vitamin with the highest bioavailability and best absorption from the digestive tract.Read More.. 

Vitamin D3 with organic coconut oil 

Natural Stacks’ Vitamin D3 supplement uses high purity organic coconut oil as packaging for the vitamin. Vitamin D3 is fat soluble, therefore it needs a lipid solvent to keep it from crystallizing while it is stored in the softgel and to ensure maximum bioavailability and absorption from the digestive track. However, the coconut oil is far more than just a simple solvent. It is arguably the healthiest type of oil available and brings in its own health benefits to the supplement.Read More..