Phosphatidylserine is a fat molecule which is derived from phospholipids. Phosphatidylserine is found in the cell membrane and act as a protective agent in the cells. Phosphatidylserine is involved in many biological processes, which are occurring in the cells and the body. Phosphatidylserine is found in every cell of the human body. Particularly, the brain cells are rich in phosphatidylserine. Few of the important roles of phosphatidylserine in the body are; regulation of the biochemical reactions, generation of immune response and controlling the release and production of neurotransmitters. It is thought that phosphatidylserine prevents the human brain from memory loss and stroke. Though, it is not yet confirmed as fewer research findings are available regarding this subject. No side effects of phosphatidylserine are documented and reported until now. Phosphatidylserine is considered to be a source of relief from memory loss and stroke. Few people believe that taking phosphatidylserine from external sources such as soy beans can make their bones strong. Few unverified research studies found some other benefits of phosphatidylserine. Some people may get nausea and stomach pain due to more intake of phosphatidylserine as a food supplement, although no such case is reported until now. After few clinical trials researchers and medical practitioners come to know that, the people who are having greater amounts of phosphatidylserine in their body are free from stress. Many people believe that a person who is free from tensions, and stress have a healthier brain. Few people also complain that after taking soy beans in the adequate amount they were unable to sleep, but no such thing is documented and recorded through scientific experimentation. Few individuals think that phosphatidylserine is having no effect on the human body. It is just a part of the cells and nothing else. Benefits of the phosphatidylserine are clear from the research carried out in different parts of the world. Optimum levels of the phosphatidylserine in the body help in the normal cell death process. Scientifically, the process is known as apoptosis. Other than this phosphatidylserine can enhance the production of the neurotransmitters. Few medical specialists think that phosphatidylserine also protects the nerve endings from damage due to toxins. No evidence regarding this statement is available yet. Several studies conducted in the past have concluded that phosphatidylserine plays a very important role in the memory enhancement. However, only few experimental proofs are available to justify these studies. People who consumed soy derived phosphatidylserine support the claim that it works for them, and a couple of studies indicate it may have a stress modifying effect. Few people have their stigma attached to the concept that phosphatidylserine in the body helps in increasing the libido and sex drive. People think that phosphatidylserine supplement can be harmful to the health, but no side effects are yet reported regarding the use of phosphatidylserine. The phosphatidylserine supplements are extracted from the soy beans which have very good results on the health of the humans. Phosphatidylserine can prevent the individual from fatigue and weakness according to some researchers. In another study, it was noticed that the phosphatidylserine facilitates in healing the wounds and also prevents the individual from fatigue after heavy exercise. Obvious side effects of phosphatidylserine are not reported yet. Further research on the effects of phosphatidylserine is needed. Few clinical trials were conducted to test the effect of the phosphatidylserine on the heart rate. The report enclosed no effect on the heart rate, instead it was found helpful in proper pumping of the heart.