Hemp protein is a kind of protein derived from the hemp plant. The hemp under consideration here is not the same as the well known Indian hemp or cannabis. It is not psychoactive at all. You can consume it without the fear of ‘getting high’. Botanically, it is called Cannabis sativa. The psychoactive form of hemp is known as Cannabis indica. The former hemp is grown worldwide for different purposes. It is actually one of the earliest domesticated plants ever known to man.

Hemp protein contains amino acid as its building block; just like any other protein. Its amino acid profile is very close to what is obtainable in other sources of proteins like soy, egg, meat and milk. It has several advantages over other kinds of proteins.

Best way to burn fat

Hemp protein is very helpful for those who want to burn fat. It does so by cleansing the liver and promoting its detoxification function. Other kinds of protein do not have this function.

Clean source of protein

Hemp protein does not require herbicides or pesticides for its growth. This is never the case with other sources of protein. This makes hemp protein an environmental-friendly source of protein. The plant has a natural herbicidal property. Non-digestible chemicals and sweeteners are added to other protein sources during manufacturing. But this is never the case with hemp protein, which does not require such chemicals.  

Hemp protein is rich in amino acid like every other protein. It also contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, which are not present in several other sources of protein like whey protein. There is no sulphur-containing amino acid in hemp protein. Sulphur content of amino acid can lead to decalcification and increase the calcium concentration of urine. Absence of sulphur-containing amino acid in hemp protein helps to retain more calcium in your bone and ensures consistent bone strength.    

Hemp protein is the most bio-available protein on the market today. Hemp protein is also more digestible by the human body in comparison with other sources of protein. The ease of digestion makes hemp protein the best kind of protein for human consumption.

No bad breath

Proteins are generally known to cause bad breath. But this is never the case with hemp protein. It does not give you bad breath. It does not lead to intestinal toxemia. It also does not cause bloating. The amino acid in hemp protein is easily digested and absorbed into the cells, tissues and muscles. The ease of absorption helps to prevent the unwanted enlargement of your waist line.