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Troscriptions (TX)

Troscriptions (Tx):  Brilliance can come in small or large packages. It’s what you do with it, right?? Introducing Troscriptions (Tx), a line of physician formulated, medical grade Nootropic troches designed by Dr. Ted Achacoso, one of the most brilliant people on the planet.

Dr. Ted–in collaboration with an all star team of clinicians, practitioners, athletes, academics, biohackers, and professionals–has designed the perfect Nootropic supplement for you. Soon there will be full line of Troscription supplements with effects that target the entire range regarding pure health optimization.

Troche (pronounced Troh-key) defined: A small lozenge designed to slowly dissolve between a person’s cheek and gum. As the troche dissolves, the ingredients are gradually absorbed through the cheek mucosa into the blood stream.

Why a Troche?

Our Troches have no fillers, preservatives, and no carcinogenic ingredients. You have joined a very special club when you buy your first Tx.  Your tongue (and other tongues), will thank you. Seriously!

How do you take a Troscription?

Let the Tx dissolve slowly between your cheek and your gums. The less saliva, the better. Do NOT chew it!

Blue Cannatine, our #smurfnootropic, is best kept in one location unless you don’t mind going #fullsmurf. There’s also of course the #subtlesmurf too, depending on the situation!

Head over to our Instagram page to see examples of all kinds of smurf.

Why take a Blue Cannatine?

Blue Cannatine Smurfs and Smurfettes have reported a #limitless upgrade to:

Mental Performance





Verbal Fluidity 

and more…

No Jitters
No Withdrawal 

Blue is the New Smart


Join the exclusive club of Blue Cannatine enthusiasts and report enhanced energy, focus, alertness, and zen ramping up over 15 to 30 minutes and lasting between 3 to 4 hours. The feeling is limitless. We call it blue (tongue) magic.

Dosing Instructions

See virtual box instructions below.  Start with 1/4 to 1/2 troche and titrate to full troche for optimal effect. DO NOT CHEW IT!


How to open the Blue Cannatine Box

Blue Cannatine Virtual Box (How-to and Precautions!!)

Blue Cannatine – Ingreditents

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