XBrain Total Brain Optimizer – 80 Ct

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Total Brain Optimizer is the ultimate nootropic supplement for drive, focus and memory. It contains KSM-66® Ashwagandha, Zynamite® Mangifera Indica Extract and Theacrine (TeaCrine®) – three incredible components that can give your brain the boost it needs.

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Why Choose Total Brain Optimizer from XBrain?

Throughout our daily lives, we’re affected by thousands of external stimuli and small distractions that can negatively impact our ability to concentrate and get things done. This can cause fatigue, mentally as well as physically, so it’s important to feed our brains enough of the right stuff to keep ourselves focussed.

Using XBrain’s Total Brain Optimizer can help you turn down the noise around you and allow you to really concentrate on the task at hand. It’s formula contains key ingredients which have been clinically tested for their abilities to enhance focus, drive and memory making Total Brain Optimizer the perfect supplement for highly motivated and goal-driven people.

3 Key Nutrients Designed to Enhance Brain Function

There are three key, clinically tested nutrients in XBrain’s Total Brain Optimizer smartdrug that make it a unique and potent brain focus supplement – they are KSM-66® Ashwagandha, Zynamite® Mangifera Indica Extract and Theacrine (TeaCrine®). Each ingredient has its own individual benefits which, when combined, create the formula for the ultimate nootropic to support brain function and focus.

Zynamite® – multiple clinical trials have shown that Zynamite, made with Mangifera indica extract (derived from Mango leaves), can activate brain electrical activity, reduce fatigue and result in faster reaction times.[1]

KSM-66® Ashwagandha – is the most bioavailable, full-spectrum root extract available with multiple benefits. Trials have shown that KSM-66 can increase resistance to stress and can be effective in enhancing memory and attention span.[2]

Theacrine (TeaCrine®) – a similar molecule to caffeine that can be found in various tea plants such as Camellia Assamica. It is thought that regular consumption of Theacrine can improve concentration in some people.[3] It has also been shown to have a positive impact on energy levels and mood.[4]


Total Brain Optimizer from XBrain is a dietary nootropic supplement designed to improve focus, enhance memory and increase energy making it the ultimate brain supplement for tasks requiring high levels of concentration and can be used for everything from studying to gaming.

Each container of Total Brain Optimizer contains 80 individual capsules to be taken orally as a food supplement. Each capsule contains XBrain’s unique formula which includes key nutrients to fuel your brain and provide a crash-free boost to support you through every day tasks.


Enhance memory
Enhance memory
Improve focus
Improve focus
Increases energy level
Increases energy level


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