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Alpha BRAIN Instant tub (108g)
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Alpha BRAIN Instant tub (108g)Alpha BRAIN Instant tub (108g)Alpha BRAIN Instant tub (108g)

Alpha Brain Instant Tub by Onnit


Alpha Brain Instant from Onnit is now available as a delicious instant drinks mix that’s not only tasty, but highly convenient and faster reacting. Formulated with nootropic ingredients, Alpha Brain Instant supports brain function, memory and focus to help you stay in the zone throughout the day. Step up a gear with Alpha Brain Instant and enjoy the benefits of better brain function today.


● Promotes enhanced memory and focus.
● Supports cognitive function and processing speed.
● Aids ability to retain flow state or stay ‘in the zone’.
● Fast acting.
● Gluten free.
● Dairy free.
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