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Discover the full range of Nootropics at XBrain, chosen to enhance your mental health, improve memory and boost your cognition. Give your brain the best possible nourishment to provide enhanced focus and concentration and get the most out of your day. 

  • 8549.png
    Onnit’s Alpha BRAIN® Focus Shot is the ultimate nootropic which supports focus, energy levels and mo...
    £ 23.99
  • box_packaging
    XBrain’s brand new selection box of mushroom tinctures are 100% organic, sustainably sourced and nut...
    £ 124.99
    £ 239.99
  • Copy-of-BlueCannatine_front_300DPI

    Blue Cannatine

    Authorised reseller!

    Welcome to the Blueniverse! Blue Cannatine is our flagship nootropic...
    £ 34.99
  • ab-instant-peach.png

    Alpha BRAIN®

    Die Idee hinter Alpha BRAIN ® war es, eine vollständig ausgewogene nootrope erstellen.
    Die Idee hinter Alpha BRAIN ® war es, eine vollständig ausgewogene nootrope erstellen.
    £ 59.99
  • HR_AB_30_1.png

    Alpha BRAIN®

    Die Idee hinter Alpha BRAIN ® war es, eine vollständig ausgewogene nootrope erstellen.
    Die Idee hinter Alpha BRAIN ® war es, eine vollständig ausgewogene nootrope erstellen.
    £ 36.95
  • mind-105ct
    Qualia Mind is the result of thousands of hours of research and development by top scientists in com...
    £ 99.99
  • Copy-of-NeuroFuel


    CILTEP ® für optimale Geistesleistung 60 ct
    CILTEP ist eine einzigartige Formel bei der Erreichung Ihrer maximalen Potential durch die Verbesser...
    £ 29.99
  • cb-main
    Boost your mind and your mood with biOptimizers CogniBiotics mood supplement. In the modern world, a...
    £ 54.99
  • nootropic_front_-_updated_640x
    Ketones, herbs, MCTs and collagen to energize the mind and think well.
    Perfect Keto nootropic blend includes exogenous ketones to fuel cognitive activities along with MCTs and grass-fed collagen peptides for lasting fuel, especially for those who like to fast or don’t want to interrupt focused work periods to eat larger meals....
    £ 54.99
  • Copy-of-Dopamine-(1)

    Natural Dopamine Brain Food

    For mental alertness 60 Caps
    Responsible for motivation, memory, and creativity, dopamine is a key neurotransmitter that also inc...
    £ 35.99
  • Tianchi_Bag_with_Packet
    The adaptogens in TianChi are considered nature's perfect food. These amazing herbs provide your bod...
    £ 99.99
  • bulletproof-zen-mode-bottle-45ct-1200x1200-af_1024x1024

    Zen Mode 45ct

    Stress Relief and Tranquility
    Bulletproof Zen Mode is a holistic mood-support supplement created with adaptogenic herbs and nutrie...
    £ 59.99
  • smartmode
    A unique blend of brain-supporting nutrients to power cognition and promote clear-headed concentrati...
    £ 69.99
  • Copy-of-GABA-(1)
    GABA Brain Food™ is designed to support the normal, healthy production of GABA, a neurotransmitter e...
    £ 35.99
  • Copy-of-JustBlue_front_300DPI

    Methylene BLUE

    4 troches per box (up to 16 doses)
    Methylene Blue is one of the most powerful mitochondrial optimizers on the planet, boosting energy l...
    £ 31.99
  • Qualia-Shot
    There are many energy shots, drinks, and so-called energy solutions but none are as firmly rooted in supporting the organ that needs the energy the most, your brain, as Qualia Nootropic Energy. Our shot delivers 12 different nutrients to enhance your energy and brain health. Take it every day or just when you need to perform at your peak....
    £ 23.99
  • Copy-of-Serotonin

    Serotonin Brain Food

    For positive mood 60 Caps

    Boost your brain’s serotonin levels and enjoy the benefits of an improved mood, reduced stress...
    £ 35.99
  • Copy-of-SC-(1)


    SMART ™ CAFFEINE mit L-Theanin für fokussierten Energie 60 ct
    Smart-Koffein aus Natur Stacks bietet Ihnen alle stimulierende Wirkung von Koffein, ohne die Nervosi...
    £ 17.99
  • final_mockup_azoth_total_memory_transparent_1500x
    Stop Forgetting - Improve Memory Retention, Brain Fog, Recall, & Memory Decline
    AZOTH Total Memory is designed to be an excellent Memory Booster to any stack....
    £ 39.99
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