Alpha Brain Instant Tub by Onnit

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Alpha Brain Instant from Onnit is now available as a delicious instant drinks mix that’s not only tasty, but highly convenient and faster reacting. Formulated with nootropic ingredients, Alpha Brain Instant supports brain function, memory and focus to help you stay in the zone throughout the day. Step up a gear with Alpha Brain Instant and enjoy the benefits of better brain function today.

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Usage of Alpha Brain Instant Tub

Alpha Brain Instant has all of the same properties as the original Alpha Brain formula, only it’s designed to be taken as a drink. This means that your body can absorb the formula at a quicker rate and feel the benefits in significantly less time.

Simply dissolve the powder into water or any other beverage and you’ll be free to enjoy a delicious nootropic supplement drink anywhere, any time and reap the rewards of enhanced cognition. 

Alpha Brain Instant is the perfect solution for anyone who has difficulties taking pills or simply wants to experience the same benefits of Alpha Brain in a tasty beverage.

How Alpha Brain Instant Works

Alpha Brain Instant is a nootropic drinks mix designed to boost brain action. Onnit’s earth-grown, nutrient-based formula contains ingredients that have been specially chosen for their nootropic properties. Nootropic ingredients have been shown to aid and support a variety of cognitive functions in healthy adults.

This unique blend of ingredients actively encourages alpha brain wave production which is essential to entering and maintaining the flow state – the zone in which your brain functions at optimal levels. When in the flow state, your brain is more focussed, organised and calm under pressure. As well as alpha brain wave enhancement, the formula supports neurotransmitter production which can support brain function.

Alpha Brain Instant Tub Benefits

Alpha Brain Instant from Onnit contains certain nootropic ingredients that can provide a number of superb benefits for your mind. It’s been shown to promote alpha brain wave function in the brain which has a range of positive effects.

Increased memory retention, improved focus, and mental processing speed have all been linked with ingredients with nootropic properties. Essentially, Alpha Brain allows you to move up a gear and stay on top mentally and focus on the tasks at hand throughout daily life. Alpha Brain can help you remember names, places, dates, focus on difficult tasks and improve your reactions 2.

What’s more, Alpha Brain Instant contains zero gluten, zero dairy and is caffeine and nut-free. It’s perfectly compatible with vegan and keto diets so you won’t have to compromise your routine to feel the benefits.



Aids ability to retain flow state or stay ‘in the zone’
Aids ability to retain flow state or stay ‘in the zone’
Dairy free
Dairy free
Fast acting
Fast acting
Gluten free
Gluten free
Promotes enhanced memory and focus
Promotes enhanced memory and focus
Supports cognitive function and processing speed
Supports cognitive function and processing speed


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