VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant

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Onnit’s delightfully refreshing instant drinks mix, designed to support your immune system and provide support against viruses, free radicals and other invaders. Available in four delicious flavours.

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VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant is a dietary supplement from Onnit in the form of an instant drinks mix that’s formulated to provide protection against viruses and free radicals. Like original VIRUTech® IMMUNE capsules, the drinks mix is packed with everything your body needs to fight the battle against harmful pathogens as well as a few new plant-based additions making it an ideal solution for anyone who is uncomfortable with swallowing pills.

Each packet contains 30 sachets which can be dissolved into water to create a delicious and refreshing drink that fortifies your immune system. Drink one sachet per day for optimum support. Choose from Blood Orange, Hibiscus Raspberry, Elderberry and Meyer Lemon flavours.

Take VIRUTech® IMMUNE instant when you begin to feel oncoming symptoms of illness or if you’ve been exposed to someone sick or before you fly or enter a densely crowded area or event.

Why Choose VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant?

Like Onnit’s VIRUTech® IMMUNE capsules, the instant drinks mix provides excellent support for your body in its fight against viruses, pathogens and free radicals – all of the microbes that cause sickness and fatigue.

VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant is formulated to help defend against potentially harmful invasive microbes and free radicals and is designed to be your go-to protection when you begin to feel under the weather. When you feel that your immune system is under attack, or if you feel that it’s about to become compromised, VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant gives your body the weaponry it needs to fight and defend itself.

Onnit have made VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant in four delicious flavours so you have a variety to choose from. It’s also super convenient coming in discreet sachets that can be easily carried around and taken whenever you feel the need so you’ll be free to go about your usual routine without the worry of being overcome by sickness.


VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant is packed with key ingredients specifically chosen to protect your body against invaders. Essentially, the formula is that of the VIRUTech® IMMUNE capsules with the addition of Vitamin D3 – the sun vitamin that’s essential to your immune system. Most people don’t get enough vitamin D and it’s important to supplement it in your diet. Even people who spend a lot of time outside under the sun can benefit from extra vitamin D intake.

The formula also contains Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that’s imperative to collagen production, a compound that supports blood vessels, bones, ligaments and neurotransmission.

The inclusion of Zinc in the formula provides support to your body’s metabolism, allowing it to efficiently carry out functions that are crucial to your immune system. VIRUTech® IMMUNE Instant also contains L-lysine which helps your body create antibodies that fight off illness.


Convenient for on-the-go use
Convenient for on-the-go use
Helps protect against viruses and free radicals
Helps protect against viruses and free radicals
Regulates the immune system
Regulates the immune system
Supports cellular integrity
Supports cellular integrity


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Blood Orange, Elderberry, Hibiscus Raspberry, Meyer Lemon

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